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I really liked the old-school feeling to the game, it gives it a nice charm. Even though it was short, it was still really good! I played this in a video, it's the second game if you would like to see it :)

hi, nice short game, I make a gameplay in Spanish combined whit another short horror game and I tell a little horror story 

Fun little quickie! KEEP RUNNING!!


i got both endings and i just-


don't look back throughout your play through

I enjoyed this very much. Really interesting for a short game

A great small game.  The attention to detail is what raises it above the average.

That. Was. Awesome. Only second time playing a horror game in my life. The only other was "make sure its closed"

Man you're missing out.

i should play more really

I recommend a game called The Designer's Curse.

thanks. ill try it

Oh yeah, i played that on steam. It was FANTASTIC!

Mmmmm, that atmosphere.

(Your game starts at 14:37)

I have played your other ultra-short experence, Make Sure It's Closed before, and that one got me GOOD despite it basically being "press space four times". SO let's just say that expectations were high.

And let's also say that you did not disappoint.

It's an odd mesh of ideas from the silent film presentation to the core mechanic to the (rather clever) take on multiple endings, but it all comes together so well (and proves that a jump scare can work without sound, holy crap).

You have a real knack for using the games asethaetics and gameplay against the player, and I would LOVE to see you make something longer with this talent. You're fast becoming a favorite of mine. Loved it.


This game has a great potential to be turned into something bigger, I think, and I would love to see it in the future. First of all it's different from other horror walking sims because of controls, that add to the atmosphere of being a frightened lonely person in the alley. Second of all the silent movie aesthetic makes me think about some good classics, like Hitchcock's movies or Nosferatu, so it can actually be the "be the hero/heroine of the silent horror movie" simulation, which leaves a broad choice of plotlines and interpretations. But if the game is longer then clicking a-d all the time would be tiring.
I like the idea about plot twist during the second playthrough. It's just unfortunately maniac with a chainsaw and some generic cultists didn't really click with me, I will be honest it's a trope, that you see way too often. 
But great job done!


in this game you die like john f kennedy



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Just like your other game (make sure it's closed), it was short and scary. Beautiful!

Edit:I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't look behind myself at all, and I was impressed.


fyi you should fix how u can run and look behind you at the same time i kinda found this and exploited it the whole game


щ(゚Д゚щ) < "Dear god why‽ )

It was definitely interesting. More of a one minute story than a game, but I liked it!


I love this game, I played it in this video! Timestamp: 22:37

you have to imptove the monsters

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h o l y 

j e s u s

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Not really a comment.

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yeah it is a real game.

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Oh go away


The objective of the game is to run. That's it. Run. That's the game. That's the whole point. You don't need a specific objective to be a game. It's like a minute horror story. Anything playable is a game. This is playable. You have controls. You do it yourself. It has an ending. It's a game. I'm deeply sorry that you're so hard-headed that you feel the need to belittle a game. If it's playable. It's a real game.


Just like your other game (make sure it's closed), these gameplay ideas and mechanics and scenery just make your games so unique to other ones and I love that! I felt constant paranoia when playing this one LOL, so good job on that one!

Here's my video (the last game I play, which is the 4th game lol, even though it's THREE random games........ so yeah)


I played your game. It was a good short game and I enjoyed it. (I played 2 games in my video, yours is first)


Great atmosphere, nailed it. Really  good idea, dev. What a vision :-)

Congrats, and thank you for the experience!


absolutely amazing, my heart stopped!

this is an incredibly old comment but the -1 cracks me up as if someone read your comment and went, "hm you say your heart stopped but you were able to type, disgusting liar."

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Yoooo this game would have been great as a major project. It's short and to the point, but it was fun for the amount of time that I played it. 

I really liked this game, it was short yet really well made. Would be interesting to have a bigger game with this theme. Well done! 


Good game,good atmosphere,but i just broke my keyboard,and i didn't get how run faster,i just slowly moving

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Okay, so the game might be super short. BUT it's really well made. It has a nice set environment and looks really god. Would love to know more story around the creatures. As of now I just assume they are Marshmello fanatics, lol. This game was so much more than I expected.

It's a really cool game and you did a great job!


It wasn't as scary as the garage door one. I certainly didn't have to change my pants after this one.


game - "I can hear him"

me - A and D mashing "RUN B****!!!!!!"


*A and D key pushing intensifies*


Sorry for the poor commentary. I  recorded this right after I woke up.


Hi there! Thanks for making a video for this one as well!  And I hear ya, I'm pretty much a blob until 2 hours after I wake up.  Also, there's a bit more to the game and it technically has a second ending ;) 


Hello !

I did both of your games  ( "Make sure it's closed" didn't worked on me though, maybe the low poly PS style :o ), and overall I prefer this one, the old movie style, the tension slowly build by the text, and just the fact we can look back ( well I did not look back enough, that may explain why I had the bad ending there :p )  did the job ^^

Anyway, if you're doing more horror games, I'll gladly go through it, as it was a good short experience overall !

( Run to Nowhere start at 4:54, in case you want to skip ^^ )


Hi! Thank you for including both games in your video and taking the time to play them!  I really appreciate it and I love the video!  (The parts that I could understand anyways :D, my French is rusty and I haven't had any lessons since high school. )

I don't get it. i decided not to run, nothing happens. i ran and looked behind me, that killed me. I ran and didn't look behind me, and THAT happens? makes no sense.



Nice plot twist!!! Lol


Wow. This is great. I was playing while listening to cheesy 80s rock so that probably ruined it a bit, or not.

Nice little game. Runs well and for the length it was packed with tension. A really good job on this... :)

I played this game second in the video and really enjoyed the atmosphere

It's at 2:47

i think the (artificial?) lag was a nice touch, to make it feel like you were tired despite how much you wanted to run. or like running in a nightmare, where your body doesn't respond to what youre feeling or what you want it to do.

not sure how much the silent film styling added... felt less relatable and a little over the top and funny with the 'life, perspective, and perseverance' and the bzzzz chainsaw cult but i can't say much bad about a minute long experience :P

also lmao @ the racing tag

lol, i'm glad you noticed the racing tag ;) And thank you for the feedback!

M'yello! I just included your game in my latest " Horror Games" video! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

Just skip to 4:58 to watch the part with your game in it!

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Great work! I really like this. :)

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