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It wasn't as scary as the garage door one. I certainly didn't have to change my pants after this one.


game - "I can hear him"

me - A and D mashing "RUN B****!!!!!!"


*A and D key pushing intensifies*


Sorry for the poor commentary. I  recorded this right after I woke up.


Hi there! Thanks for making a video for this one as well!  And I hear ya, I'm pretty much a blob until 2 hours after I wake up.  Also, there's a bit more to the game and it technically has a second ending ;) 


Hello !

I did both of your games  ( "Make sure it's closed" didn't worked on me though, maybe the low poly PS style :o ), and overall I prefer this one, the old movie style, the tension slowly build by the text, and just the fact we can look back ( well I did not look back enough, that may explain why I had the bad ending there :p )  did the job ^^

Anyway, if you're doing more horror games, I'll gladly go through it, as it was a good short experience overall !

( Run to Nowhere start at 4:54, in case you want to skip ^^ )


Hi! Thank you for including both games in your video and taking the time to play them!  I really appreciate it and I love the video!  (The parts that I could understand anyways :D, my French is rusty and I haven't had any lessons since high school. )

I don't get it. i decided not to run, nothing happens. i ran and looked behind me, that killed me. I ran and didn't look behind me, and THAT happens? makes no sense.



Nice plot twist!!! Lol


Wow. This is great. I was playing while listening to cheesy 80s rock so that probably ruined it a bit, or not.

Nice little game. Runs well and for the length it was packed with tension. A really good job on this... :)

I played this game second in the video and really enjoyed the atmosphere

It's at 2:47

i think the (artificial?) lag was a nice touch, to make it feel like you were tired despite how much you wanted to run. or like running in a nightmare, where your body doesn't respond to what youre feeling or what you want it to do.

not sure how much the silent film styling added... felt less relatable and a little over the top and funny with the 'life, perspective, and perseverance' and the bzzzz chainsaw cult but i can't say much bad about a minute long experience :P

also lmao @ the racing tag

lol, i'm glad you noticed the racing tag ;) And thank you for the feedback!

M'yello! I just included your game in my latest " Horror Games" video! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

Just skip to 4:58 to watch the part with your game in it!

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Great work! I really like this. :)

I really didn't expect to turn around and see Bert Kreischer.

This one spooked me. I jumped a couple of times!! I felt like I couldn't run fast enough!!

I think I looked behind me too much :P   it's the second in the vid

Another phenomenal microhorror game from Corpsepile. Really enjoyed the aesthetic and was honestly shocked at that ending. Loved it, one of my favorite Itchio devs.


i screamed and it sounded more like  AERHA!

When you get murdered and murder yourself at the same time

Can't get murdered if you murder yourself first.

Wow it was really awesome mate 

Thank you!  I really appreciate it!  


lol the monster is funniest thing ever

Hello, there! Saw this little gem on the home page and wanted to give it a try. I love the fell for it, the graininess, the gray scale, and the metaphorical concept are all very appealing. I also got jump scared. It was short, but interesting and fun to play around in. Nice job with he atmosphere, too.

It's taken me a while to get back to some of these comments but I just watched your video and spooking you out of your chair is the best possible thing I could've hoped for! :DD Thank you for including it in your video and for taking the time to play it!

Thank you, you're welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. The scare legitimately got me . :)

i have to say! i didnt think i would get scared and two different endings are mind blowing good job for a short and great game! wondering if you are going to keep dev this game or ? you have others in the works?

Hi Dizzy! Thanks for the nice words! I'm working on something else that will be a little bit longer and still horror-ish, so hopefully I can share that soon :D

Sweet! just shoot me an Email! and ill be there to play it on the Spot!

Very atmospheric, creepy, well worth some play time.

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you liked it!

Your atmosphere building is excellent! These are great bite sized horror trips you've made. Can't wait to see what you do in the future.

Thank you! And hopefully I'll have something else finished soon ; )

Short and sweet, nice.

lolol, I had to put that "failsafe" in there, as I was anticipating someone breaking the game.  Funny to see it in video though! Thanks for checking it out!

Really fun and surprisingly challenging! Got the "good" ending after a little trial and error...mostly error lol. Great job! 

****Warning! Video contains spoilers!***

Loved the game. Please keep making more.

Loved the silent film style of the game. Makes it unique and fun. The controls at first is a bit weird but you get used to them fast. Which the game was a bit longer and I laughted my ass off when he captured me first time. :'D

Hope you keep making games this unique and interesting. 

Thank you! And I will certainly try to!

after Make Sure It's Closed I decided to play for my channel Run To Nowhere: FIRST ITALIAN GAMEPLAY :) I liked it very much! 

aaaaaa jeeeez your games whyyy im scared ;-;


>: )


Gave it a go...


Sorry you didn’t like the controls man, thanks for checking it out though!

Not a problem!

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I came here after posting a new vid and now I know there's another ending and I couldn't achieve it....I am sad. However. I love your games. I'm so excited for more! ^_^ 

I played it 4 times and can't get the "you win" ending, any advice? I'm trying to think outside the box, but it's not easy ^^ (very nice little game btw!)

Don't look back ; )

omg just Awesome!!! thx  :D

oh my gosh the plot twist in the "you win" ending asdhgh

: D


So, is there really another ending besides having my chest saw-opened or you r just trolling me. How do I get it?

Cool work, Id love to play more from you.


Thank you! And there’s a “You Win” and a “You Lose” and that’s all I will say. : )


All I know is when I heard about the second ending, I discarded my anxieties and never looked back. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


This was really cool! The twist was wonderful. I almost like these short, minimalist horrors more than full-length horror games- leaves a lot to the imagination.


That's what I'm aiming for, thank you for checking it out!

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Great game is there multiple endings?


Thanks! There is technically two. : )


I got both endings and i like the second one

It's probably the one I would choose too. : )

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