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me + my roomates all squealed like some little pigs thank you

now, if there's a good ending and a bad ending. Is there a secret ending?


buen juego jeje


stupid question that about 1000 people have already asked and had answered, but is there a way to win?




hint: it involves looking back

Thank you!!!


dont look back


If you are stuck check out my youtube video!

Thank you! I skimmed through your video and it helped me a lot.



is there any other endings or way u can  actually win? or am i just running too slow..? I tried running while looking behind me the whole time lmao

You're fast at running

Cool game here's a speedrun

Holy shit, I mean this in a good way because this is such a simple but LITERALLY heart stopping game. I love it.

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Jogo muito bom, recomendo! Me parecia que o Leatherface estava me perseguindo...

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After playing several of your games,  you seem to take game development as a joke when you seem to have such a deep understanding of what horror is about.

There is nothing wrong with making parody games and I honestly enjoyed most of them a lot, including the networking one, but its a shame that ur kinda wasting ur talent on such small projects. No offense, its actually meant as a compliment.



weird flex

I genuinely loved this game! I don't think I've ever seen a game set in this style before, and I really liked the environment it built up. 10/10, would recommend! Keep up the great work :) <3

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~12:38 in my video!)


i want to run to somewhere


look like a good game i hope it is


this shouldn't have had me this messed up


This game had an unexpected Plot Twist and we love it! Nice job!

spooky indeed 7/10


The winning ending... It was a plot twist I did NOT expect at all! Very amazing game with two very interesting endings.


i was crying and shaking and peeing all over the floor when i lagged and got jumpscared, loved it 10/10

i won :D

man love this guy awesome games all around


Running fruitless away from a killer is probably one of the most terrifying things one can do. Good job at this. The game starts at 17:58

kay that was epic! I loved the simple concept of just running for your life haha. Scared the heck outta me tho so if ya wanna check that out: 

i ♥ this game



The game is a decent horror , chase  game and i like it 

congrats :)

Not bad. Very good game!

The content of the game was confusing. I think the momentary fear is overwhelming. The ending looks like two things. I'll leave my play here.

This seemed pretty spooky at first, but then got down-right disturbing!!!! Such a great game!!! Did not realize there is more than one ending, so I only got the bad one. I'll revisit this soon to try for the other ending.

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (2nd game - starts at 06:26)!!!


I saw a crib


this is crazy man




I can't run


i got scared by the music

Deeply unsettling once you see both endings...


.....WTF MAN!

i got the good ending

is there a good ending

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