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Short and good, loved it!

Sometimes you turn a horror game into a funny one

Run Boy Run 

9th Game 01:31:40

Bro that jumpscare ending always gets me!


Walking in this game reminds me of me after any physical activity...

Short but Sweet!

I didn’t even know there was a second ending. Love the game tho 


This game really made me feel paranoid while playing it. The mechanic of constantly looking back is really well done.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 01:45


I didn't know there were two different endings. 

Second in the line up. Short effective and a little too good at making me paranoid.

Very cool

Short and spooky. Very nice, well done. 10/10

Why is this game not opening?

Even though it was only 3 mins long ..... and had one spook.....the spook was crisp and clean and the environment and style of playing was also soo cool.... would love to see more games with these types of controls from you :)

Nice short experience , 10/10 !

I don't know if I understand it, but i respect it.

Really loved the concept behind it! Great work!

Nice game! Seems I run about as fast in life as I do in game.


great short horror game

I played it, didn't get the jumpscare because someone called me right as it happened. Heard the murder tho.


Why is it always the silly jumpscares that are the scariest???? I thought this game was gonna be a metaphore about life or somethin IDK.

Second game in this video. LOVED this game. Actually gave me one of the best jump scares I've gotten in a while. 10/10 <3 

its good to see that people care about this game I have nostalgia with this game

Funny game. I rarely see games that show silent movies, but here it is done perfectly. Everything is set up for a theatrical scene, which ends in a rather.. unusual way, huh. The game is short, but still, the ending was quite unexpected, so I liked it

and secret ending )

Loved it!

me + my roomates all squealed like some little pigs thank you


now, if there's a good ending and a bad ending. Is there a secret ending?


buen juego jeje


stupid question that about 1000 people have already asked and had answered, but is there a way to win?




hint: it involves looking back

Thank you!!!


dont look back


If you are stuck check out my youtube video!

Thank you! I skimmed through your video and it helped me a lot.



is there any other endings or way u can  actually win? or am i just running too slow..? I tried running while looking behind me the whole time lmao

You're fast at running

Cool game here's a speedrun

Holy shit, I mean this in a good way because this is such a simple but LITERALLY heart stopping game. I love it.

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Jogo muito bom, recomendo! Me parecia que o Leatherface estava me perseguindo...

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After playing several of your games,  you seem to take game development as a joke when you seem to have such a deep understanding of what horror is about.

There is nothing wrong with making parody games and I honestly enjoyed most of them a lot, including the networking one, but its a shame that ur kinda wasting ur talent on such small projects. No offense, its actually meant as a compliment.



weird flex

I genuinely loved this game! I don't think I've ever seen a game set in this style before, and I really liked the environment it built up. 10/10, would recommend! Keep up the great work :) <3

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~12:38 in my video!)

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