"Do not run from your misgivings, for the answer lies within."

A minute-long horror silent film about life, perspective, and perseverance.

Note: If you're having performance issues with WebGL (lag and lighting in particular), please try the standalone builds below. 



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very creative game, very well made, and of course very tense. when i played i was acttualy nervous. And the end was very nice, and scary.

nice game 10/10

This was fun!
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This game is literally me when I am me  WAIT FU


I played this in my 2 scary games video! That scare got me good! I love the different outcomes too! Very interesting.


This looks like the best clickbait ever I didnt watch the video but the thumbnail is like this one :


;__;  doan turn bak

i just got a chainsaw and then i saw a human and i run into him but when i touched him then i win

I'm playing this for the second time and this time I'm not going to look back!


Can u actually win dis tho?

yes just dont look back

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ok, I beat it!


*spamming a and d buttons* 

*turns around* 

instant heart attack

this was really cool and I may have or have not yelled at the end lol. 

A short and sweet horror game. I got that tense feeling of walking home in the dark when I played this. The only critique I have is  having to smash A and D on the keyboard for walking/running - made my fingers cramp up a little, LOL but other than that, I really enjoyed this game. Good work corpsepile!

I made a full walkthrough ! Pls sub!

Cool !!! Tested on Mac mini M1


insano! excelente!

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WOOOWW! This is is INSANE! I swear when I looked behind and saw the guy, I almost had a heart attack!!! Great game!!! Love the design and theme to it. It actually made me feel alone, and it was kind of scary... but when the creepy quotes started appearing, things got I N S A N E ! And the concept... amazing!

i t s     i m p o s i b l e


you can win by not looking back

oh ok!

I was able to get two endings.

do u have to look behind you all the time?

hmmmm no

Good feel :)

Short and sweet as they say haha

This game was so great without any of the sound! Loved the design! Yours is first up! 

This was a nice short game and I was really suppressed by the different endings. 

Awesome Game! I loved it! i followed you because im excited to see what new things you will come up with! 

I really like games that you can play in browser to thank you for that- and also this game is great ^-^

o wow, this game is really awesome

I really like these 2-3 minute horror games.

This game had a mean twist lmao the 2nd game around 3- 4 minutes 

Corpsepile is a bit of a game design genius. Go check out his other games if you liked Run To Nowhere! 

-Made a Video. (Old Video).

-The Game: 02:08 (The 2nd Game)

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my laptop almost broke when i saw that guy behind me!

btw is there a good ending? just asking (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

Yes, don't look back.

I like how you would actually control your character in the game. i also like the controls, it is simple and easy. when it comes to the gameplay, my anxiety went up lol.  overall, even though it short it is effective as a horror/unsettling kinda game. i liked it!

p.s game starts at 4:50

Got both the endings

It really startled me! I loved how it leaves little hints after the first ending to suggest how to change the outcome.

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Wow so simple yet genius XD


Wow I loved the "secret" ending. A great game.

what secret ending?


There are two endings. I would consider one "secret", because the other is much easier to get at first.



thanks for clarifying there is no third ending


Damn. Incredible. I don't suppose there's a third ending if you just don't move at all?

I love the look of this game, the old school silent movie style makes it super endearing , the ending caught me by surprise, I had to replay just to make sure what was going on. Once again, super effective simple and hella fun. Love your work Corpsepile. Look forward to your future work. Watch my play through below, its the 2nd game in the list.

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Its not really a game...  But then again its not really intended to be. 

Nowhere To Run definitly doesn´t overstay its welcome and has an ending that makes it worth a minute or two of your time. 

That ending tho. I was not expecting that!


Fun little game, I like the silent movie concept

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Nice game, was  really surprised with the other end.

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