"Do not run from your misgivings, for the answer lies within."

A minute-long horror silent film about life, perspective, and perseverance.

Note: If you're having performance issues with WebGL (lag and lighting in particular), please try the standalone builds below. 



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Running fruitless away from a killer is probably one of the most terrifying things one can do. Good job at this. The game starts at 17:58

kay that was epic! I loved the simple concept of just running for your life haha. Scared the heck outta me tho so if ya wanna check that out: 

i ♥ this game



The game is a decent horror , chase  game and i like it 

congrats :)

Not bad. Very good game!

The content of the game was confusing. I think the momentary fear is overwhelming. The ending looks like two things. I'll leave my play here.

This seemed pretty spooky at first, but then got down-right disturbing!!!! Such a great game!!! Did not realize there is more than one ending, so I only got the bad one. I'll revisit this soon to try for the other ending.

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (2nd game - starts at 06:26)!!!


I saw a crib


this is crazy man




I can't run


i got scared by the music

Deeply unsettling once you see both endings...


.....WTF MAN!

i got the good ending

is there a good ending

when it said press space to look behind you i immediately knew what was coming....great game. However im not sure if there is multiple endings coz i played it twice and got the same ending

Another great short game wow!

lol i got the bad ending


i literaly screamed, such a great game!!

you become the one chasing the person running away from you in the "good" ending, you become what you were running from.

I tried to stop running before i got killed the person but it just kept going. BTW great game.

poeticcccc thicc and poetic



I'm too fat, i can't run fast enough

I am too damn slow to get the good ending lol. I will however keep trying. This game made me feel really tense..Thanks Corpsepile! Game starts at 02:26

You get the good ending by not looking back when you start getting chased by the guy, basically just don't look back at all.



The first gameplay is "RUN TO NOWHERE" the 2nd gameplay call "MAKE SURE IT'S CLOSED".  Both games were short and scary. I follow to see more games. I enjoy it. 

Liked the twist at the end and the way the game looked, it was short and well made and written! The environment really did look eerie and I even saw things that weren't there, so it was really well done. Twist at the end was also well done as not a lot of players would have anticipated that! Great little game!


is there a win ?

Yes, if you run fast enough at the end you win


castaways 🏖 we are 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 castaways 🏝⛴ Ahoy there 🏴‍☠️ ahoy ⚓️ we are 👫🏽 castaways🏴‍☠️🏝 Were stuck 😣 where ⁉️ we are 📍 With no house ❌🏡 no car ❌🚙 Castaways 🏝 ahoy ⚓️ we are 👫🏽 castaways 🏝⛴

I agree?


This was pretty good, I love the asthetic, it was beautiful yet creepy

Odlična igrica sa svojim konceptom, odlični dizajn, kad je pisalo da mogu gledati iza sebe, rekao sebi neću sigurno haha, sretno sa daljnom gradnjom!


My body took a screenshot

Very entertaining! I loved the atmosphere created by the black and white grainy effect!

Short and sweet little horror game

Enjoyable little game, got both endings..Loved it!!


oh i think i get it! if you look behind, it makes you the prey, but if you don't, it makes you the pretetor

bello e inquietante,ho dovuto fare un video. Complimenti,lascio qui il link del video.

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