I made a short game about something that used to scare me as a child.

Update 5/17/2020: If you like creepy games with houses then I have just the thing for you - https://corpsepile.itch.io/the-open-house and https://corpsepile.itch.io/routine

PLEASE NOTE: Some browsers have issues with WebGL, so if you're experiencing lighting issues (in particular, it's too dark) please try a different browser or the standalone files below. 



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how tf can a 2 second blury ass game make me so scared??

Impressive. I've played two games of yours, The Open House (I never finished because it scared the heck out of me), and this, both of which are great horror games.

I have the same fear.

Wow.. The game lasted like 2 minutes, but damn that thing scared me more than seeing a fnaf jumpscare for the first time.


The buildup actually scared me, but the end is a bit underwhelming.

Nice little game lol. Love how your garage is clean though.

That monster Looks like my sister and my dog together stalking me while i sleep cutley.. NOT FAIR :(((

the monster was cute though..,. THAT'S NOT FAIR

Played the game, its pretty fun



if you love scary games gives this guy some love he is super nice and helps small channels! 


I love this short and scary game. It reminded me of those times when I have to close the garage door or basement and I have to sprint my way to my room.

Big boy pee himself


(monster comes in garage) me: you kinda cute though ngl

Superb. Your ability to immerse me in your creations leaves me floored every time.

biggie cheese got scared


This was actually nerve wracking 


the whole time I went "bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh get the fuck away bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh"


well monster not very creepy


This is the first time in a looooong time I've been scared of something. I guess it plays into my fears too.


I put this game in this mini compilation



Short BUT! amazing, kinda scary but the monster in end was not that scary.  i had to do color grading through editing, cuz game looks way better in darker shades. overall great game looking forward for more.


well shit



oof so hard

oof so hard

oof so hard

bruh y are u copying me lol oof so hard

oof so hard



yo how do i stop the thing from coming in



(1 edit)



Where is my pizza?

Ik where is it


God no now   I'm   scared   of   that


So, I managed to finish the game with nothing but a  black screen because it wouldnt load. wait what?


This really scared me haha

Thanks for posting this game was a real treat to play. I can't wait for what ya got next. You can also see my thoughts and reaction to your game right in the video too. I hope this spreads the word out on your game. 


ah, you meanie. you scared me. lol but seriously i enjoyed this more  than i thought i would


i used to get freaked out like this whenever i came home at night.. the koala in the tree above my carpark would make the most demonic noises at night!

haha ya done spooked me kid! I wasn't expecting the ending! Check the gameplay below!

This game genuinely scared the crap out of me. Not just because of the "scare" part but also the build up to it. You know that the game is going to be short when you download it so you don't expect much. But this game ends up leaving you spooked. I make a trailer/movie styled video on it as well!

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