I made a short game about something that used to scare me as a child.

Update 3/23/2020: If you like creepy games with houses then I have just the thing for you - https://corpsepile.itch.io/the-open-house

PLEASE NOTE: Some browsers have issues with WebGL, so if you're experiencing lighting issues (in particular, it's too dark) please try a different browser or the standalone files below. 



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please tell me im not the only one who found this hilarious. the way the dude crawls under the door is so funny to me. i keep replaying this just to see and laugh at that part

its a good game but its too big for my screen


mom pick me up I'm scared


super eerie, i'm a big fan of this short experience. i'm so happy i don't have a garage because honestly this is one of major fears of having one. 

the game is good and thank god i dont have a garage



no one: that one kid always asking for a sleepover







(1 edit) (+2)

Dude you have to go, my parents said no friends over

oh that was so creepy :D  Way  to much for an old man like  me :D well done man, keep going with  more games :)

Holy crap, I didn't think I would be frightened. However, as I played it, I got super creeped out. Also, I love what you've done after the game's over! :0


I think you should add the ability to spam the button. Even if it doesn't do anything, I think even just having the sound would make it scarier, since I think that it adds an element of panic.

This was pretty fun 


ye got goosebumbs too from that :D  

Sure did

Short and sweet! Great delivery!!


i had a nice gigle to this.

Standing there and seeing the legs standing behind the door, knowing that when you press the button it'll open more, is so terrifying.

i played your networking event simulator but the recording didnt work out, here's one of this game though!

loved it thoroughly, took me back in time. thanks!


This was a super fun short game to play and definitely needs a longer version with back story :)

Fcuk that was scary


Oh my god.. the tension when you kept trying to close it but it just kept stopping.. and then the legs visible through the garage opening CREEPY

Gave me the chills


that was one the wonkiest crawling animations ive ever seen and one of the cheesiest models, yet i jumped out of my skin. The concept, pacing, and execution of this is just AMAZING 


jesus christ that will probably haunt me till the end of my life. really well made, and really just gives an image of those innocent fears that we have as kids. amazing job


Here's my gameplay :D


i enjoyed it. nice


what happened as a child that inspired this?


oooOOOOH the creepy crawly feeling hit me all at once at the end, great work!



the moment the power went out i screamed

Now I want to keep a garage door closed if i own a house

Ending gave me chills

This game literally made me scream, had much fun playing! 

Would Recommend!


it makes you fucked up

oh no


Fun game







I drank some milk today.

wow so creepy and simple!

Ngl that was quite creepy and i had an uneasy feeling the whole time.


made me jump, gg

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