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Hello, I was wondering how you removed the "Unity" border when you upload webGL

Select the "minimal" template here:

thank you so much!!!


I played this this as a grown man, now im a weeping 5 year old boy.

everyone wants to be a child again, so you're welcome!

one of the best games i played so far thank you.

Thank YOU for checking it out and making a video! :D 

This was like... I don't know. Love it.




I usually don't get scared by horror games, like never. But this game was officially the first to make me feel like I was going to be murdered right then and there in my seat. No clue why. I really love the concept and how short and sweet it was.


I really love this game! It is such a great concept! This may be a short game but I did get a kick out of it. even better, my computer had no issues with lag because my computer is trash. I really appreciate developers making games like these. I can definitely see so much more potential to continue a game like this. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Really neat little game!Thanks for sharing the experience with us!Keep Up!:)

Love this short expedience horror game, funny at the same time thanks for create it, leave a like maybe ;)

can you actually win this game?

Nope, just a quick lil scare is all. 


Really interesting game! I can see why this was a fear of yours lol, this was the first game I played in the video! 

Thanks for playing it and putting it in your video!  I really like how you appreciate the idea of games based on childhood fears.  

I'm buddies with that thing now, so I'll have him stop by your house later this week to say hi!


Short but really effective horror game! Very well done!

Hey, thanks for checking it out and making a video!  Made me laugh out loud at work!

haha happy you liked it but the credit is all yours! like I said in the video, its short but very effective. You obviously have a talent for creepy games that slowly build up tension till the moment you encounter the creature. I really enjoyed it! Any plans for future games? 

I'm actually going to roll with this short minute long format for a bit and see where it goes.  I'm starting another one soon and hopefully it'll be posted within the next week or so!

Can't wait!


Loved it,  definitely made me jump !, the graphics was appealing, I just wish their was more too it and I hope you don't make generic games this is a special little gem.

I will do my best! Thanks for checking it out!

Your craziest welcome, just saw this message! :D.


i honked like a dang goose. good job


"Made fealiks honk like a dang goose" is box art quote material.


DANG!! This had me on edge just ready for whatever it was. Nice job my dude! Really really impressive the amount dread you were able to conjure up with a simple idea and a basic scene. Love that you drew from a childhood experience too. Keep making stuff and I'll keep playing! :)


Hey, thank you so much!  I'm a fan of Penumbra so this is extra special for me : )

Same to you!

This Is So Funny!!!!!



Cool little experience, I dig the PS1 aesthetic.



Spooky as heck and I loved every second of it. It made my heart race and tbh I'm paranoid and this is basically how my life is every day, lol. 

It was simple but still actually scary. Loved it

Me : I closed it 

Also me :what did it cose 

Me : everything 


Gave it a go...


Dude, you made me laugh my ass off.  Thanks for playing it and making a video, I really appreciate it!
Keep it up man!

And yes, I experienced this as a child but me and that thing are friends now, so it worked out. 


Also, that's a real tight graphic for the video thumbnail!

pretty good :))

Thx! :)

If that were me, I'll probably go NOPE all the way from the moment  the first *thing* appear in front of me.

Nice short experience! It goes straight to the point.


Dude where'd you come up with the design of the monster, ive seen something very similar in my dreams

i clearly got it from your dreams :) 

But actually, I think it was influenced from this advertisement on the side of certain U-Haul vans that used to creep me out.  It's a big picture of what they apparently call the "Happy Face Spider."

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I like it!  It's like an interactive look into our imagination when scared.


This is a very good summation of what I was going for.  Thank you!

jokes on you know ive watched this game so now i dont have to play it to experience it.


damn r u a wizard?


I now have this fear. Good  job


A perfect encapsulation of a fear that luckily, I haven't had before. But I definitely get it now though.


This was absolutely horrifying. It's a great concept, though! I think I fear that too if I was a kid.


this also scares me now, thanks!!!


great game! it wa;o,pmimjbgfgyfslpojnnuyfredseweaq. OOPS  my cat walked on my keyboard

i  dont have that fear tho


very nicely made!! same fear! #high5


scared 2gether!


Very cool. Waiting for part 2 where we get to fight the monster

Just finalizing weapon choices and vehicle physics, but it should be out soon!


My name is Alex, so this was especially creepy.

I didn't put any names in there and have no idea what you're talking about.  ; )

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I had a similar fear. Always worried someone would sneak in before it closed. Cool short game!


Thanks Shane! To be honest, I still have this fear and just needed to make sure everyone else did too. :)

So considerate :D


Deleted 142 days ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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