We at Northtree Real Estate (in partnership with Optix Dynamix Labs) are proud to present our new, state-of-the-art, open house simulator!  Come and take a quick tour of 15615 Hollow Oak Lane, a familiar and comfortable showcase home in one of our premier developments!

Update 5/16/2020: Another game that takes place in a house - https://corpsepile.itch.io/routine

PLEASE NOTE: Some browsers have issues with WebGL. If you're experiencing issues please try a different browser or try downloading the standalone files below. 



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Amazing, I love the idea and the way it kept progressing into horror. So many people got scared watching it LOL 

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I have a headcanon that this guy's name is Michael.
I don't know why, I don't know how, but he's Michael.


 i love it though 

That was intense indeed. What a ride!


is it a horror game?

Play it and find out :)


When i turned and saw the person in flannel i was like ahh heeellll nah and went downstairs.

Thanks for making yet another game Corpsepile! I really enjoyed getting in character and playing a Real Estate Agent, great turning out of events with the ending, loved the concept of it being interactive with some "glitches" in showing around the house. Well done 😊

how's it goin' dood


Just Got the game and it is Really Fun. I played for like 3 hours straight without get bored. Awsome way to cure bored during Quarintine. 4.8/5 stars

I've just spent the last 2 days moving to a smaller place. This game definitely made me feel way better about it, it's not a perfect game but some points were perfectly executed. Corpsetree's on my watchlist now!  

Hey corpsepile, I don't know if anyone's said this yet (haven't checked the full thread yet), but I feel like there might be something more than what we've seen.

Is there anything to exploring the world longer before warping? In other words, NOT pressing Tab to change cameras? Because if I ever get the game for myself, I'm definitely gonna be trying to explore that broken looking realm.

THIS GAME WAS SOOOO FUN. It was creepy and interesting and everything about it was totally unexpected! here is my experience:

If you like the video pls subscribe. if you didnt pls leave a commment telling me why so I can improve :)


lol the layout o/ the house looks like house party, great game doe.

reminds me of the house on ash tree lane.

Reply if you like this game lol FUDGENUGGET IN THA HOUSE

I enjoyed this game to the very end. It was interactive and really fun! Great job making this experience!

Wow, great!! Could be really usefull for real estate!


This game is great, but I have a question... Is it ok with you that the game can be modded, meaning changing textures etc., Mods.Because I thought of making a mod and posting it on Ich.io and Gamejolt. Just asking. 


Hey there, fine folks at Northtree Real Estate. Wanted to say thank you for sharing your prototype software. As prospective buyers, my wife and I are very grateful that you were able to still show us around and view open houses during these tough times. We used the softwware today and tried offering a price but ran into some issues. Here is a recording for your convenience. I'm currently at work but my wife will be home if you call, although I haven't heard from her all day. Maybe she is sleeping, or taking a very long bath, but hopefully she picks up, don't wanna miss out on these great prices lol!

AMAZING  I never expected it to take the crazy turns that it did... 


Is that a [HORROR GAME] reference I see on the second floor hallway wall? 

This manager has fun

walking through the house was and finding all these small things off and than walking down stairs and the things head slowly turning to look at you was soooo unnerving. the movements were a little too slow for me, it felt a little monotonous having to walk through and scan the rooms and than "scanning" through the master bedroom was really tiring and kind of boring. good game overall just a little boring



Loved the "something's not right" feeling in the beginning! I missed an item at some point and wandered aimlessly for a while but man that was quite a ride! Buying your first house IS a terrifying experience!
I made a video playing it and your other game Make Sure It's Open, which was amazing too!

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Saw the title and immediately installed, didn't even scroll down to look at the pictures or comments, just went in completely blind and got MORE than what I was hoping for. Loved the 'Too Many Cooks' reference and the similar descent into madness. Will gladly follow this dev for their next descent. Great stuff.


15615 = aefae

An eye for an eye

Brilliant. I certainly wouldn't have caught that.

I've never been more scared of a stock photo. Legitimately sent chills down my spine! The realtor guy (I named him Dylan) slowly popping into the screen was so unsettling. Cool idea for a game!

wow that lags my computer!!

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Unrelated topic:my dog

bam there he is

Also really good game!

Loved it!

Good boy

i pat the dog.

woah thats a very good boy right there

Kinda scary.But also kind of predictable. Not the worst thing in the world, I suppose

OK WOW... dude this was amazing. The spooks the scares and the atmosphere, amazing


i was just thinking this was a game where you can explore, but when i saw the man in the laundry room i knew it would be scary.

A very unique horror game. I loved the on rails experience because it made me afraid to almost turn corners haha. Great concept and I look forward to your future works!


An oddball but unique and creepy horror game. 

This game was genuinley terrifying. The way it slowly progresses, the little hints at something more gruesome. Truly fantastic game design.

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I love this game but I did NOT expect it to be a horror game XD

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