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This was great!

Unique idea with great execution and surprisingly very creepy.

ive seen that house before

i think the house is the same from house party

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What a cool wee concept for a game bud 

Really enjoyed this!


...we need more horror games like this.

Very interesting game. No jump scares but it made you feel anxious and not welcome.That guy in the closet got me screaming. I also like the executable code for the real time date and clock as well as when it pulled my name. Very interesting concept which made it scary.

It's beautiful, and I really like the living space! I just have a few questions. If you have a link to the realtor website, I'd like to visit it and add my bid after I get some more information.

- Are the previous owners willing to leave some furniture?

- Are you willing to negotiate on the base price? 

- I didn't get to see outside. Are there any trees out there? I want foliage that I don't need to grow myself. 

- Does the property come part of a HOA? I would like free range of what I can paint my house, what I can grow outside, etc.

- Does the body have to come with the house

Email me at □e□p□□□1□
Thank you

D̷̶̷ ̴̶̵O̷̷̴ ̴̶̵ ̶̶̶N̸̷̴ ̵̵̷O̷̴̶ ̸̸̷T̴̴̷ ̸̴̷ ̴̴̶P̸̵̷ ̸̸̶Я̷ ̷̸̸E̸̴̶ ̸̴̸S̵̴̴ ̶̴̵S̵̸̶ ̶̷̸ ̵̴̴T̵̶̵ ̷̴̵A̴̸̸ ̷̶̴B̴̴̸


third game made by you I am playing in Italian for my youtube channel!! :)

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> 15615 Hollow Oak Lane, a FAMILIAR and comfortable showcase home

I see what you did there


guys his name is literally corpsepile how the hell did you think it was going to be a "normal house simulator". not trying to be offensive or anything but come on!

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the house seems familiar i swear there was a mobile game with the same house


It's actually a popular Unity asset known as HQ Residential House. Don't let this be a bad thing though, it has actually been used by good games including The Survey and Anatomy


Idunno what these people below are posting, this is just a regular house viewing simulator.

Well done! I hope you make more :)
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i legit closed the game so fast when i saw the person in the closet, i was like WTFFFFFFF. like it genuinely scared me 

Never thought in a million years that I would buy a house as creepy as this one... Cool game! 😁

sheesh u scared me i literally thought its just a house simulator

When I say I was not expecting this... I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. I was so on edge during the "error" and honestly enjoyed this so much! Thanks so much for this cool experience devs! :)


Well, I ended up emptying my bladder into my bed, I was under the impression it was a simple walking simulator. I do have a recommendation, instead of immediately exiting the game when the ESCAPE key is pressed, it would be better to display a prompt.


The guy in the laundry room jumped me so hard  I had too play the pennywise diss like twice too calm me down


I just went and shit my pants because I didn't know I was playing a horror game.

I didn't managed to finish the debug one at all due to anxiety with the small jumpscares but I did loved the atmosphere! Kudos on this cool game.


it's a wonderfull little game, though (and i say this knowing it's genre) a little too dark. I played it in my browser with multiple tabs open, so it was a bit stuttery (though completely my own fault), but at the debug mode i couldn't get in all the rooms, simply because i couldn't see where the hell i was going.


That's actually intentional. You're only supposed to roam the parts you can see; the extremely dark rooms only need to be entered and then exited, like literally just forward then back right out of them.

I beat the record.

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Thought I'd show you a speedrun I did of this game. Its pointless, I know, but I thought it would be cool to show it to the creator

There is a horror movie call the open house I don't knoW if this is based off it


Your Linux build works well. Game gave me the jitters, very good! I only wish that you could implement some kind of free view. Not sure if it was a setting somewhere and I missed it but it would be better to have a visible icon to enable/disable.

Holy moly. Wow, I didn't expect this game to be this scary lol. It was really well made and had great pacing! I did a play-through of it in my 2 Horror Games video. 


slightly concerned, because i got a home warranty spam advertisement email right after i loaded this game


That was really good, I am super impressed with this game. The atmosphere created is really impressive and the way the house is presented to you is very cool. I also like that there's some jokes thrown around in the dialogue.

I assume when you enter debug mode you are acting as a drone? I loved how it would do little command line things at the bottom of the screen.

I got hung up two times while playing though and wanted to mention it:

- Trying to find the blood in the sink on the first floor. I wanted to look directly down at the sink but I had to look down to the right. Took me a while to figure it out.

- While in the drone I got a command line that said "UI element missing" or something similar but nothing would happen. Eventually I wandered around the open broken looking space and happened to press tab and was teleported. Not sure if that's suppose to happen or what I needed to do.

This was amazing! The concept of this was just great. Can't wait to see more from you in the future!

This house reminds me of the house from the game House Party. Nice and creepy during my quarantine time


i have no idea why but this freaked me out alot. very good game! i wish markiplier plays this in a video or in a 3 scary games! 

he did

i said it before almost no big youtubers played it

this reminds me of the good old 7th guest


refreshingly unsettling and scary! honestly one of the most creative ideas for a horror game ive seen. something about the man sliding across your screen with his face photoshopped out is honestly creepy as hell and the hallway section made me so apprehensive. please make more games like this :)


i may have another idea or two that is similar in tone ;)

Creppy as hell. Congrats!

BTW: Linux version is working fine. :)

Thank you for playing it and for the info on the Linux version!

This is a really creative and unique experience! I got genuine goosebumps at certain points. :D


Great game! Really good job at creating a tense atmosphere. Unnerved me a bunch. I would love to see more from you in the future!

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Rly neat lil experience!! Deffo nailed the whole corny vibe of most real estate ads/commercials and twists it in an interesting way. ^~^ great job corpsepile


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