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i loved the idea. very fun

This is brilliant

I really didn't expect it, it was excellent, The mechanics and the story are very cool, I enjoyed it very much.



The end actually caught me off guard but the game is pretty nice (tbh i did NOT want to go in the dark corner on the 2nd floor)


holy shit the lady in the closet in the laundry room scared me




L gyatt tbh





kay why es

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The blood ritual room and non-euclidean corridors in the basement are a big plus; however, I am concerned about the animal problem with the bypedal red thing. In any case, how much for the house?


BLOOD RITUAL ROOM??!?!?!?!??! WHERE!??!?!?!??


Exploring the virtual open house tour felt like strolling through a dream! Every room was a perfect match, from cozy nooks to spacious living areas. It was like finding a treasure trove of home sweet home, with each step bringing me closer to my dream abode.


Nice game, good psychological horror experience. Congratulations!!


needs a skip button because this is the 5th time i played this AHHH


Ok game, I didn't understand debug mode. Wasn't really that scary. But fun to play. It did get annoying when you didn't know what you were supposed to do

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where is the last object? i got the hair, saw, and scratch please help raaahhhh


there is blood in the guest bathroom sink but you have look to the right when you walk in

Un jeu que j'adore et que je crois rejoué un jour. Très beau travail.

Psychological horror is the best because it really cant be cheap with the scares and still have quality, this game really proves that too, great original concept!


Pretty sure I had 6 in that "Master Bedroom" before, looks familiar lol


It's fine i guess, But not scary.


...did you actually play the game??


probably not lol


omg the person in the closet scared the living heck out of me 




spoiler!! :(


Incredible game! I can't wait to play more of your stuff! This game is a GEM!

Wow i love this game

This was one of my very first itchio game experiences, way back when. Decided to play it along a bunch of other games on this stream:

Thanks for the good memories, keep up the good work!


Solid game
gets unsettling once you get further in.

genuinely one of the scariest things ive played. great atmosphere and fantastic exectuction   


that laundry room part made me jump. i was expecting to be scared and it still startled the hell out of me. i opened an account just to add this to my favorites because it's incredibly immersive even though it's very simple in execution. i think the limited movement makes it scarier, 10/10


pants thoroughly shat

Very good looking house! but i think the past owners forgot their clothes in the laundry room, Quite odd, But i would buy it anyways :)

i have never been more on edge 

Great game; tell me something: what's up with the laundry room door? You know what I'm talking about :) I expected that to play into the plot at some point.

did you complete the game


Great Game, I'm gonna try speedrunning it so I can see the ending

im at the freaking edge of my seat. i loved the change of gameplay midh half. Absolutely 10 out of 10

This game was TERRIFYING yet wonderful at the same time

This game totally was not what I was expecting! Very spooky!

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i am thoroughly enjoying playing this game (i am also playing with one hand over my eyes because i am so on edge and i mean that as an utmost compliment because it is functionally so simple and yet still very immersive) thank you for making it!

played this while working at a real estate office 10/10 immersive experience


This better not be a horror game 


whose gonna tell em?


omg i actually thought this was just a real estate sim

the second i saw a guy in a closet i closed the game

wtf is this


a horror game

its marked with horror lol wym?? its probably the best free psychological horror game on


This game made me feel like I did not want to turn around at times and gave me some deep gut wrenching reactions. 

The game is aware of the typical way similar games are implemented, and delivers a new experience for the genre in a simple, powerful and well executed manner. 

Creative and cool. I really liked it. 

Loved it!!!

great game, loved the twist! i definitely will be playing more games of yours in the future!

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