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i was crying :) also those noodles made me hungry:p

i loved it, im scared of my house now

Bruh this songs scared me so much at the point where I just started to sing single ladies ;-;

I mean, for that price I would still buy the house-- Haunted or not.

Was such a plot twist and I should've known! Such a fun point and click game! 

Check out my channel for more videos. Cool game.


scared me so much i had to turn off the game and refresh for a minute 10/10 too spooky to do again

Cool game! Creepy vibes 


this is Madison house from house party lmao

Didn't knew what to expect. But I was suprised by the game. It was intense and pretty creepy though I played it on the small screen. Never a png has scared me so much as this one and I love it! 10/10 for what it is..

!!! Play it now or the Agent will come and get you !!!


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Eu já tinha visto um YouTuber jogar e me deu arrepios....e jogando esses arrepios são de outro nível!!

I had already seen a YouTuber play and it gave me goosebumps....and playing those goosebumps are on another level!!

i found all 4 things but its still stuck at 3 what do i do??

allin all

all in all a solid game that is a throw back to point and click adventures 8/10! more please

Haha that was great!


bro the end of the thank you card is just- well played


Fun game, the last area really tripped me out. Also made a video about it. Awesome Job!

Thank you for this, I cowered out of playing it for fear of my sanity

same T-T


Aww, What A Nice house! Totally Not Where I Would Die  I'd Love To Purchase 15615 Hollow Oak Lane! Can't Wait!


Can't even buy house in Ohio


The house moved out


I uh Found the house... but uh... it changed its self it morphed!


bruh i pooped my pants.


show me


show me



Show us

show us the stain pls


Am I just a chicken because this game scared the crap out of me to the point where I almost cried


Wait... I didn't know this was a horror game until I started reading the comments.

I'm too much of a chicken for horror games.

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very interesting game, I found it to be almost paranormal that the rooms change. I also love that in the beginning he calls us {client name} lol. love this game alot! I could see this being an ARG on youtube or something. very immersive.

Just a quick YT short of my playthrough!

Really enjoyed Open House and the idea and can see an idea like this becoming a even longer, creepier experience!

Very interesting! I liked it but found the price for that home way too much for 3bedrooms/2baths and on a 6542 square ft lot. Then again, that's what folks in our area would say, but I digress. Cool game overall!

amazing game i would love to explore more houses like this anyways keep up the great work!!

bro why was it taking SO LONGGG to get through the fucking backrooms or something. ït´s been a year daddy¨

I enjoyed this game! I would love to see other "listings"! Would play more games like this! 


The "make offer" prompt was gold


I liked the feelings


I didn't expect this to be so scary haha but I was absolutely on edge the ENTIRE TIME! This game does a fantastic job of instilling a level of fear without any unnecessarily loud jumpscares or flashing screens! The sound effects are perfectly placed and at times, had me snatching off my headphones to make sure they weren't coming from my house! I would definitely recommend!



Had a lot of fun, was very scary in an unique way also. I did scream unfortunately. I feel like  a pussy now

how "poop pant" how also it look fun

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I poop pant


how "poop pant"how

Very good game but around the dark scanning part it became to dark to play and I ad my brightness at ful

ok so just based off of the intro i'm expecting Something. Y'all ever watched actual footage of bears or whatever that's called? that's the vibe i'm getting. will come back when i have head phones


THREE MOONS!! how many time do i have to round this stupid corner!!!???


This game was terrific from start to finish, more-so the first half. It was a beautiful home, and nice introduction to new technology! If only things stayed that way.. I'm pretty sure I was robotripping and got transported to another dimension in this game..

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