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They told me it wasnt a horror game. I was so scared

What an incredibly cool concept for a horror game! 

The house is very nice

Cool game! I love houseflipper (game) noticed some similarities. So I also love this game. Whoop Whoop!

Had a good time playing! A different feel for a horror game. Had an unsettling ambiance and didn't know what to expect since it was a "simulation" of the house. Would buy the house! As long as it comes with the body and random slips into other dimensions.

That music ;)


I really loved this game. Very different from other horror games, and surely as scary as the best ones. Made a spanish gameplay about this game, hope you like it!

This game was absolutely freaky, loved it!

Very nice virtual house tour. Would definitely use this once it’s out of alpha!

Nah when my name popped up on the screen that messed me up😂.

Made a video feel free to check it out🐣

10/10 would play if had to


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The best houses in the state! it was amazing Rick Ansty was there, and there was a free woman in my closet and i got sent to the world of pasta 10/10 

Played this on Linux 


good bathrooms 10/10


at the end i was like

- backrooms?

- oh, the smiley man

- behind me? in front of me? nah 

- "make offer"... I OFFER MYSELF TO GOD OF DOSHIRAK(russian instant noodles)

I absolutely love unconventional horror games, it just brings a different element to the genre! i've seen a couple of Youtubers play this game but I completely forgot about the ending! 


it's free real estate

Was not expecting this AT ALL! I love corpsepile and have done a few videos from other games and it always lands well for me. Here's my reaction and gameplay video here for anyone interested.

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im gonna pretend as if there wasnt a child in the laundry room.

legit augustus gloop

I haven't seen this concept done before so I decided to check it out and I'm so glad I did! Got genuinely uneasy as it got progressively darker and I love all the subtlety in it, its something that a lot of horror is lacking and it kept me hooked

I've seen many youtubers play this so I decided to try it out and oh hell this is scary. Great game idea though.



When I saw those noodles I fr said mmmmm spaghetti 

LMAO THIS GAME the ending has me dead im so scared 


I love this game.Then I stumbled upon a video and noticed something strange.I was surprised that the structure of the house is similar to this one. Is it a sequel?

Interesting! I like it




nevermind das endlied ist wunderschön. und meine frau ruft mich an während ich tot bin geil :)

du dummer hurensohn. Wegen dir habe ich eine posttraumatische störung. Nochmals, du bist ein hruensohn

mi respectiva gratitud hacia el creador o creadora, a sido una maravilla este juego


i liked the flesh man... reminds me of my uncle terry....mmmy god..


holy hell that is terrifying


add sex


Are you looking for:House Party

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cuz you cant get none in real life 😎


What a creative idea!

no understand enindg

Die Idee und die Umsetzung des Games ist einfach großartig 👍 Wirklich gruselig.Zum Schluss wünscht man sich mehr untermalung aber sonst einfach toll !!

I genuinely think this is the future of realtors all around the world. A remarkable perfectly normal experience with no cause for concern at all!

This was great. So glad I put an offer on the house... :)

Very strange and creepy without the need for jumpscares. I enjoyed it!

lovely house but I would paint the walls to a different color

Maybe RED 


what a nice house! I hope theres no blood in there..

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