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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the first there):


1. There are different endings. I think the game benefits a lot of that because that extents the gameplay and makes the whole experience more involving.

2. The graphics are cool. There are not so much to do in the game so at least it's nice to look at.

3. The game scared me as a horror game should) I didn't expect to be scared so game 1 : me 0.


1. There are no gameplay. The coffee sequence gets to be boring after a while and also it would be a nice touch if you could actually see the coffee spilling in the coffee maker.

2. It's strange how it is always 6 o'clock no matter how light it is outside. I mean they get up at 6, making their coffee then go to sleep then get up to witness strange shit? Like they have no life or what? Maybe it would be cool to see different sequences of the routine or get from coffee making straight to the TV without the alarm clock scene.


I enjoyed the game, it was rather weird but I got scared. Moreover, I am pretty sure I didn't get all the endings but just a few. Still, I think there is a possibility for further developing.

Hope my feedback was useful!

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Damn, I missed one more ending that will lead me to the REAL ending... This is the second part of the gameplay, you can watch the first part on my channel :)

great Game here is my video of it!

creepy game and also weird 

it got pretty boring after making the coffee for the 867th time

but overall pretty good game

i think i got all the endings???

FIVE endings in this game and I got 'em all! 😎

Another cool game by corpsepile!

Really enjoyed it! I think I found all the endings (?).

Pour les Francophones !

I would absolutely love an option to take the pills but the concept was cool!

pretty cool game.

Look what the routine made me do! I guess the mundane routine of life twisted me into this monster.

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In my perspective, this game is a game about never ending endings where all endings eventually come to an end. These endings are considered routines because routines change for different reasons. some routines might change or disappear because of an accident, you dont like it anymore, you need a change, death, or because you start having a different perspective on life. The pills represent a different day. one day closer to the true ending. one day closer to knowing that your routine could change because you are one day closer to death. I really enjoyed this game and I know that what I just wrote above might not make any sense cuz honestly I dont even know what I just wrote. Here is my video on the game:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)



Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 6:34! Hope ya enjoy!

Awesome Game :D

I really enjoyed this game! It was unique, and it kept me interested

Deleted post

good game i did all endings was suprising the true ending im not gonna spolirs enjoy it

Great game!! made a vid about it!!

I have a special place for Corpsepile games as "Open house" started my channel and foray into horror games. However, with that bias aside, this game was brilliantly done. Perhaps it was relatable, or perhaps it was whack and weird. I am so annoyed that I didn't push ahead to get the final ending but nonetheless, this was an amazing experience. Thanks for making my day!


I really enjoyed this! 

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So The Open House and this one are connected... I have so many interpretations, and one of them is that there is no "routine" - we trap ourselves in a perpetual nightmare... but sometimes, the change will happen, in one way or another, regardless of our initiative or lack of action... or it could just be a psychotic guy experiencing deja vu and obsessed with conspiracy theories, hence the pill bottle wih one pill dissapearing each day... nonetheless, the little references to the Open House were interesting!

That was very suprising, give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video!, curious to see what you will make next!


Such a cool game, loved the different and wacky endings. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. 

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Was really surprised at how this escalated. It went from 0 to 100 in a second lmao

I got 4 endings. Are there any more?


Fun little game..weird...but fun!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)


very good idea for a game really enjoyed playing please check out my play through below 

Great game!! i like the subtle horror. Enjoy the vid :D

This Game is very weird and short but I know there is more to the story. Anyways this game was amazing.

I loved this. I do wish it was a bit longer. I think I found all the endings!!

SUPER cool game. I did not know what to expect and this one really threw me in a loop. (Hah). Hope you have the chance to check out my play-session sometime! My favorite was the remote btw.

Really well made atmosphere, I think you have a good sense on how to make creepy atmosphere with silence and subtle sounds. really interesting take on multiple endings too, well done!

really cool mindbending game. GOT SIX ENDINGS!!! Including the "real" one. 


haha got quite a kick out of this one! Thansk for the fun! :)

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check out the routine game that i made on youtube. I really like this game, the jump scares really got me good, nice job. I really hope you enjoy my content, I hope you subscribe as I am on my way to 200 subscribers, I really hope you enjoy my content!!! <3

Absolutely loved each little aspect of the new game! Had so much fun playing through it and trying to figure out the different endings. The last one definitely got me soooo badly 😂

Help a small channel out :DD

Such a fun little game with some crazy endings!


this game sure was interesting, i got five endings. not sure if there's more. overall ive enjoyed it a lot

Interesting game, I thought there were only 3 endings. Wow I may have to revisit this game, great work.

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Great game! I missed some ending sadly. I got 3 ending, but are 3 secret ones I missed. Over all enjoyed playing it.

game is quite fun i love the light horror game i almost thought that the ending the i get is the only ending but i found out that u can choose 3 different endings or maybe more idk but here is my little gameplay of it

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