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fun game, really. love the scares and the endings. 

Well got all three endings. I liked it, it was a different pace than the other games. Too much coffee for me.

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That's an interesting take to say the least. I didn't know what to expect from a game like this, but I liked it. kinda short, but it gave You what You wanted, no more no less. I think I managed to scrape of all the endings, here's a link to my playthrough

brooo this game was litttttty check out the vid to see 3 different endings!!


We've made a video showing how to get all of the endings (I hope!)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the game. Thank you for making this!

Really loved this game. The multiple endings were amazing! I would have to say, the logic behind this game was very interesting and amusing. 10/10

I have played and gotten ALL THE ENDINGS... or at least I think I did😅

I also played that open house simulator a while ago, before I played this. So that secret ending had me really hype lol

After playing and enjoying Make sure it's closed and The Open House I didn't know what to expect but man, this one is so original, intriguing and funny (in a dark way) it's my favourite so far! That's all I can say without spoiling anything.

I've made a narrative playthrough video you should watch in case you don't have hands and/or lack the ability to play yourself like you should. 

This is absolutely amazing! I'm realizing now that I completely missed the true ending, but I still had an absolute blast playing this regardless! Fantastic game!


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Recently played through this, just uploaded some footage. Great game, 4.5/5. I wrote an in-depth review in the description

Edit: I no longer use this channel, so if you did enjoy this don't expect any more

Cool game!  Had fun trying to it out! 

I love these short simulators that have just so much environmental storytelling!

Wow... just wow. So well done!! I absolutely loved that! I honestly thought the game was done after that part,  little did I know what was about to happen... I absolutely love the style of the game, the concept is great, and the jumpscares were incredibly unexpected (they REALLY got me). Really well done!!

Really had me thinking, why do we follow the same things every day?

It took me a few tries to get all the endings, but it was worth it.  It's a great   game! I   even   made a fan  trailer,  I   hope  you   like it  :)   

Really awesome concept for a horror game and really threw me through a loop with the ending lol great work, this was the second game in the video! 

Really good game, i thought it was over...alot.

Great concept, I love that it's "more than meets the eye" and that there's a claustrophobic feel to it as well as opportunity to explore and experiment.  

Big thank you for letting me play this game also I really hope to see more from you peeps at Corpsepile. 

Really interesting design choices and has tons of potential! You can do a lot with what you have here and you definitely have the skill to pull it off. If you would consider watching my gameplay and ideas I'd really appreciate it!


Love this game! Love this developer! What an amazing experience this was! Can't wait to see what Corpsepile comes up with next! 

Game got into a rut. We're just the people to get out of it. And it's an interesting game all together. Having items to dictate  the ending we get. I only wish we could walk during these sequence.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

We got into the routine.. too much of a routine...


Really enjoyed it. I think I found all the available endings. 

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Correct, it is "complete."


very interesting concept, I haven't seen a game like this before. I love it. Idk how many endings there is, but i did get 4. if there is more, how to get em? I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, check my video:

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Thanks for checking it out and for making a video!

Awesome job as always. I hope I got all the endings. Keep it up! 

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Great game. I didn't realize there were so many endings. I'll film a whole video on it in just a few days. For now it's part of a 3 random horror game video I did. I loved the Alien end.  Anyway, love your games! Open House was scary. 

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The game is so coooool and so creppy but i have a question So i got 3 endings and i think those are all of them but i feel somethings missing so is there another ending or is it just me?

Edit: Forgot to specify what endings so i got the Loop Ending, The Abducted ending and the Newspaper ending


Try to keep going, even after you've gotten the obvious three. This *is* a game about patience, so even just waiting can sometimes be a solution. It's also a game about routine, so just doing the same things over could be a solution. 

I will tell you this: There ARE more endings for you to find :)


Thanks for the reply and thank you for giving me a hint and not entirely spoiling the solution to the endings. 

I appreciate this spoiler free reply as well :)

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I love games with multiple ending and you did a great job with this. It wasn't like other games with multiple endings, it felt and played differently and that was amazing!!!! I think i got it all, its not in the video but i did get the clock after launching game again.

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I think that takes care of all of them?


This was different, i like different. I had fun with this 1 thanks dev i think i got all endings hope you enjoy my gameplay:


hi thanks for checking it out! And actually, there’s a few more endings you’re missing 😉

Yea i changed the title of my vid to 3 endings instead of ALL endings haha thanks again for the game really good 1.

how many endings do you have so far?  i want to know but i dont want to spoil the endings for myself.

just the 3 so far, i think theres quite a few more.

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i've found 5! would you like to hear the 2 i discovered? if so, i'll comment them on your video, as not to spoil for people browsing these comments.


Very specific game! I could never think it's actually a horror game... By the way i really like the graphics.

I love it :D


Oooooh!! So excited to play this! Wish me luck TvT


You make game so quickly! How do you do that? 


This was lovely to play, it really kept my on edge waiting for what would change each day. Keep up the good work, your games are super entertaining :)


It's really short and considering it's about routines it would be nice if it repeated a bit more but aside from that its pretty good. It would also be nice if you could actually walk around slightly instead of being stuck in one place but that's a pretty minor thing.

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