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Great game! Would love to see this idea expanded on further!

Eine nette Idee von "Sich selbst im Weg stehen..." Hat irgendwie Spaß gemacht. 4/5

Wonderful game, recommend you take your time until you get to the real ending because woah.. Simply spectacular.

Man on my lawn interrupted my morning routine. Nice game. You did a good job at conveying the monotony of daily schedules. Can't wait to see what you make next. 

I liked the way the game is conducted. Very interesting. Congratulations.

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS GAME! Huuge fan of open house as well...../analytics/tab-reach_viewers/period-default

coffee simulator, loved it. <3

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

This game was mirroring my life hahahah. I wake up make coffee and get on my day and I was thinking is that me. So the setup is unique, you get to know what to do from your surrounding. slowly you get the hang of it but the ending was surprising I didn't know if I should laugh or be scared for my life.
I RECOMMEND THIS GAME. Try it it's good stuff.

I like this game but i didn't know it had seperate endings

i didnt get to see all endings of this game but open house was a favorite of mine so i had to give it a try

If anyone is struggling, when the pills are about 3 then u are close to the real ending

nice game, work perfectly on linux

awesome game, but only found three endings? could not for the life of me figure out how to get the others (i got Close, Invaded and Loop if anyone wanted to give me any hints)

I played this game on my channel if you'd like to check it out! I got most endings :) 


Interesting game but it feels incomplete both regarding the story and its mechanics, the mechanics feel very restrictive and are not very enjoyable. I liked the fact that it has alternative endings, and the bizzare vague stories. Maybe you should expand on it a little bit, I would love to see what games you'll make next.


I kinda works for Linux but since Chromebooks don't have cursor lock it is unplayable. Sorry

Is this a horror game


Falls between the perfect line of comedy and uneasiness, and with a very wholesome message at the end. Very fun playthrough all throughout. Recommended to anyone with about 15-20 minutes to spare!

Bruh this game is REALLY good, i'd suggest this to anyone who likes games like this.


i got the "Real Ending" and i'm very impressed.This is like Stanley Parable,but with routine of our life.

fresh :)

He punched my butthole 

wow, this is a weird one

super weird and silly videogame

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Nice game

Lulls you in to a false sense of security and takes a turn. Nice!!

Really nice game and I hope you can continue the awesome and creative work. Your games are something I look up to. I have been wanting to start creating, but I just don't know where to start. (BTW I made this account just to say this to you) Good Luck!


hey just want to say this is why i waste so much time downloading random horror games off here.  because very rarely you find someone who actually gets it.  someone who is able to actually do "domestic" horror right and put so much care into making a space seem (un)real and authentic to its context. understands how to play with the format and make you feel something unexpected without cheap tricks.

pretty much everything you've put on here hits those marks, can't wait to play more if you decide to continue creating.  thanks.


I'm considering printing this out and hanging it above my computer lol. But for real, thank you for the nice words!


Love it


Thanks for making another amazing game! I didn´t expect the "REAL" ending to be so serious, it really caught me off guard and I needed that! Some of our battles are fought silently and sometimes we need a game to make us realize the answers to keep going.  I loved each one of the endings and my reactions were pretty weird to some of them. 


You are more than welcome and thank you for playing it!

hello, due to unforseeable reasons, I am contacting you here of all places to tell you of something that may or may not be of importance to you, mainly a bit of a story, and a potential idea for a sequel to a game you made, 

I will type out as much as the site will allow, one night I had a nightmare, it was heavily inspired by your game "The open house",

 with a little bit of a mix of fnaf in it a tiny bit, and some meta mechanics and multiple endings, here is pretty much everything I can remember from the dream, 

It begins the same way as the first game does, but slightly different, a different company trying to do the same concept, and a new cutout person to show you around, a generic female this time, but instead of only being inside the house, you only get to see inside the house, from the outside, and only from specific angles, just like in the first, after a while, you start to find that something is wrong, and after finding various messed up things, a door in the fence opens up, and if you walk through it, you find a broken 3D version of the cutout guy from the first game, his face is glitched out and sometimes gone, no ears, really tall, and long arms, and covered in blood, wearing a torn up suit, and when you get close to him, the game turns into a black screen, and says, "Minigame unlocked.", Then it turns into a sort of mini game, in my dream, it was a sort of atari platformer, but that can be whatever you feel like, but it was very glitchy, and after breaking the game enough, you would find a pixely looking version of the monster salesman from before, who grabs the character, and turns the month game off, you are then presented with a shiny screen, and the player standing up, you are now inside of a house that is in the middle of the snow storm, and as you look around, you find out it is the same house from earlier, you now have free movement, and you can interact with dozens of items, and depending on what you mess with, gives you new endings, what I interacted with in the dream mainly was an ipad sitting on a small table in the hallway, I'm not entirely sure how it went down after that, but the ending my dream came up with was the player waking up in a hospital bed, a doctor talking about some stuff, and the monster right infront of you holding the iPad, then it suddenly changes to a still png of the monster crouching down while the doctor beings screaming and saying "Shoot it!", 

And that's about it for how it went, hopefully you can read this and tell me what you think about it as an idea.

Also, if you want to talk to me on discord about it, let me know.


I like what Routine has going for it; nice visuals, fluid controls and a real “WTF?!” moment. I especially like its short length. That may not sound like something to praise, but games like this don’t have an impact at longer play times. Routine is just long enough to make its point, and that’s perfect. Is it scary? Not in a traditional way, but it’s something that hits you after you’re done playing. I’d like to see more concepts like this. 


An interesting game. 

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6 endings, AND I loved the game. 

Guys, Corpsepile has made a bunch of games. Check them out. They're all really good and no two of them are the same. 


Here is a video on Routine, not really horror in my opinion unless you are afraid to do the same thing over and over in your life. Video is about 8 minutes long and I hope you enjoy it!


At first, I thought we were done after the first ending. Then I thought we were done after the second. Then I stopped thinking we'd ever be done.

Got to say, this was such a cool concept and I loved every creepifying moment of it. So many twists and turns and unexpected events popping out all over the place.

We definitely end up with more questions than answers by the end of it, but it always felt like that was how things were going to end up. Everything was perfectly poised to leave us pirouetting into a perplexing pit of paranoia.

Cracking work by the dev, looking forward to seeing more! (Also, a quick note for the dev too, I think someone may have uploaded this game to another site without their permission, I'll pop the link here so they can verify that -

Now then, anyone who hasn't played this... get it downloaded and get stuck in!


as someone who lives the life of a routine..I feel personally attached lol. This was great, there's so many possibilities this type of idea could lead to. Great work.


I've played Routine and I enjoyed it!

It's an interesting concept


Wake up...drink coffee...check out back...TV..sleep, repeat...Wake out back. GET SUCKER PUNCHED!  LOL. I loved, absolutely loved the different ending plots. What got me was the Alien invasion and how every moment played out! 

I liked it even though I never got to drink the coffee :)

I think i got 4 and a half endings. Pretty sure I screwed up the last one and just quit the game.

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