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I really liked it - but why my man had to hit me with a two-piece and a biscuit???

I really liked it :) It's been a quite fulfilling experience. Congrats!


Gameplay with 3 endings uncommented!

i really like the difference to this game, would love to see a chapter 2? 

terrifying on uh day 2 i believ. was not expecting that.


Honestly a lot more than I was expecting, I got all of the endings and I can say it was worth it.

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Zeigt uns die Eintönigkeit des Lebens. Danke dafür und grüße aus Deutschland.
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not sure how many endings are there but i got like 5, really unique game loved it.

that proves that no one has the patience to complete this game.

Atleast Not Me 4/5 endings

Liked a lot. Congrats

Unique game for sure. Really great way to make people replay your game for sure

GREAT GAME! Look forward to playing more from you!

Simple yet effective, love to see it.

Dude, your games are great. Seriously. 

I was NOT expecting to actually crack up while playing a horror game but I should've known better since you're the same person who made "The Man Man". GOOD STUFF!

Had a blast trying to find all of the Endings in this game! (I think I got them all, but I could be wrong lol.) Some of the endings are not as easy to see at first glance but were well worth playing around to finally get them. Overall enjoyed this experience. Thank you for allowing us to play your game!

Another banger, been wanting to play this for a while and after playing The Man Man I had to check out more. I think I got most of the endings but I could be wrong!

I wanted to go back for something after I got "the end", but the clock only blinks 12:00. Is that all that's left now?

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If I remember correctly (been a while since I made this) you can stare at the clock and the option to reset will appear :)

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Ohh, okay! I'll check it later

Loved the game! I got all the endings had a good time! 

Great job! I got 2/3 endings. 

Such a good job! I just found 3 of the endings, nice to know that there is more and not so obvious find. Very interesting gameplay. (Pt-BR) 

eyyyy good job


a good game

I definitely wasn't expecting the endings! Really enjoyed that! 

I honestly loved everything about this. I was so impressed by the end of it. You've earned a new fan. I look forward to more of your work.

I can't believe I missed the variations. I figured once i summoned a demon that'd be it.

Your game starts at 3:44

I routine a bad ending 

I loved how many times you changed the smallest thing, something happens! I like the subtle things how gradually the pill bottle empties. Very clever game!

Can't get to the demon ending. game crash after the white screen that says click to start

Corpsepile delivers once again! Great game. Great concept. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


a fun little game, simple and easy to play 

Impressive! ❤️

Really easy and short game, not bad


interesting.. nah really this was weird and fun

Here's my gameplay ii think i got around 4 endings i believe not sure

This game was definitely not what I expected it to be. I thought it was gonna resemble the struggles of waking up and doing the same thing over and over again. But it was definitely not that. I still enjoyed the different outcomes. The kitchen looked really polished but the people in the game looked like they could of been made a little better. I gotta be that person and say the game was a bit messy. I would of liked the storyline to just be one thing by itself. I didn’t like how there was choices even though that was probably the point of the game. I think the game would of been better if the story slowly worked it’s way into one ending. Other than that it was still enjoyable to play. 

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