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short but very good. 

Good Concept!

I knew what was going to happen, and yet it still creeped me out! Perfect little game to capture that illogical fear that some of us have. It was short and simple but definitely managed to provide that chilling, rushed feeling that was intended. Good game ! ♡

Jesus christ jesus christ je 

that freaked me the hell out!!!

This game was short, simple, creepy, unexpected and just overall great! Very unique gameplay and the game just reminds me of the terrifying factor of FNAF 1 because you are just sitting (or in this case, standing), you can't move at all and your only defense mechanism is the garage door..... LOVE IT!

Here's my video (3rd game I play)

This game has a great concept and art style. The ambience and atmosphere could really set off the chills. I really wasn't that fazed with the jump scare at the end, but I'll tell you what, I was pushing myself back into my chair because I knew something was coming. Honestly, pretty good game, and another Unity Indie Dev? Epic.


i have this weird "fear" too so that creature spider buddy ol pal really scared me

Bro this was so good!?  Gave me the creeps tbh, good job! 


*cry in 8 bit*

Made me jump... Very Good

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*bursts into tears*
I hate you game creator.

This game was amazing. When I saw the thing crawl under the door, maybe I shouldn't of played this game at 1:31 am.


lol, at least I played a 9:00


holy crap, well at least i dont have a garage door...


Garage: *power shuts off*

Me: "uhhhh..."

Thing: *walks in front of almost closed garage*

Me:*button pushing intensifies* "WTF WTF WTF WTF"

Garage: *power turns on*

Me: *closes garage for the last time*

Thing: *crawls under garage door as it closes*

Me: 0_0........ well sh*t

great horror game this might even scare me if i was a child and i had to close the garage door

thank you for playing it!



*Frantic button clicking intensifies*

mine froze :P

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the monster didnt get me it was the ambience of it

ambiance is the true monster of life

This game is really good for how short it is. I hope you make more like this cause I really enjoyed it.

Nice game. Short but straight to the point with no messing about. Runs and plays well with great sounds to match. Great stuff... :)


Both of your games are so terrifying. Great work! JERK     /s 

(seriously great job)


lol this is the reaction I'm aiming for.  Thank you!

Oh Gooodddd this was nerve-wracking. I really appreciate the lack of jumpscares and the atmosphere of it. That just... Ugh. That creeped me out.

Enjoyed your game! It's the first in the video

cant see anything its all black




A real good spooketh


We're all shook-


owo o hecco that did me a real spook


Love the game, adds the suspense! But my question is that can we beat the game. Also, I played this at school with my friends, and we all shrieked when the man got us.

Hi! Happy to hear that you like the game! And nope, there is only the one ending. :)


terrifying. omg.

so there's this other game i played once where you move to an old house in a small town you inherited. it was a long day driving there and picking up the key, youre alone till your spouse arrives and the sun is setting. it's a huge house and there's a lot to do, so you leave the packing boxes in the foyer and go upstairs, and get into bed. even though you're exhausted, you still toss and turn until you remember... you've forgotten to lock the door.

i quit the game after that because it stirred some kind of primal fear in me. this game reminded me of that. also, the possibly-real story of some robber in the neighborhood slipped under the garage door as it was closing and threatened the homeowner with a knife, who got scared off when the homeowner pressed the alarm key before they reached... when i was walking from car to front door i would check that the garage doors were closing all the way and nothing was sneaking under them. just a check. also that one time after i had a panic attack about driving somewhere, then went back downstairs and realized i had left the garage door open for about 2 hours.

my takeaway from this is that garage doors are a hotbed for horror.



Anchorhead by Michael Gentry. it's an interactive fiction (text) game and it's on steam or ifdb



Wait so is he supposed to get me at the end there?

holy fudge man that was freaking o man and you had this kind of phobia


whatever that noise was when he was using like a file or something that scared me shitless

it's meant to be the sound of someone scratching on the walls.  glad it worked!

didn't work in my browse

sorry to hear that. you could try the download standalone files and hopefully that works out better.

I included your cool game in one of my let's plays. Keep it going!

Thanks for checking it out and for including it in your video!

Awesome game, keep it up.

thank you, i will do my best!




Spider: ummm.....

Me: (in real life) YOU HAD TO DO ONE THING



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really relatable, i still found it kind of creepy haha, it's the second game I played in this video.

Thank you! I'll be sure to check out the video when I get a chance later.

Deleted post

thanks man!

This gave me a fright, i was pretty scared when the creature came. Good job.

Thanks! Glad to share the fear :D

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