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Really enjoyed this. Great work! Excited to follow future projects. 

the monter runs strangly end too slown to scare an horror veteran

*sees dad crawl under garage door*

*gets scare*

Amazing, Really got scared at the end lmao.

Played this epic game, it starts at 11:31

Super short and the spider thing wasn't even scary


peed mysef. good good


just replayed, i get it.hes a pizza man, ah ah, not so scary, yum

that was scary good game very impressive it made my heart drop at the end

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Ahahaha. That was a good laugh.

nice little experience. ty.

My heart dropped, very nice game 8.5/10. If there was some music, this game would be a much better. Maybe something a little silent but still audible.


Just realized that im scared of that too because of your game xD I had a heart attack! good thing I don't have a garage door irl lool

This got me spooked!! I think it's a lovely game, would have loved to see it end on a more subjective note though

o h 

d e a r


Keeps you glued to the screen and gave even me the chills at the end :D

Simple, but good.

No jumpscare...Good...cuz i don't like jumpscares


This was a lot of fun, gave me the chills twice!

Awesome! Simple but really captured the mood. I like it!

This honestly made me feel like I was 7 years old again because this was my exact fear lol


this gave me the chills

A perfect visual of that childhood fear of what *might* be out there, waiting to get in

This game was great I had so much fun or as much fun as I could with 2 minutes, I loved it and that guy at the end real spooky


Took me some time to realize there is no escape after all.


No offense, but i hope that there is more that scared you as a child, cause this means that u will make more games. i love this one. its simple and scary.


Pretty impressive how good the mood of the game is when you cant move around or anything.

Beautiful mood!

love it

(Your video begins at 29:25)

You know. 

I almost hate to admit how actually kind of brilliant this is.

Great buildup, great scare, great premise, all told in the span of like three minutes. Good show.


This was awesome! Very creative, definitely captures that childhood fear :)


actually scared me lol

short but very good. 

Good Concept!


I knew what was going to happen, and yet it still creeped me out! Perfect little game to capture that illogical fear that some of us have. It was short and simple but definitely managed to provide that chilling, rushed feeling that was intended. Good game ! ♡

Jesus christ jesus christ je 

that freaked me the hell out!!!

This game was short, simple, creepy, unexpected and just overall great! Very unique gameplay and the game just reminds me of the terrifying factor of FNAF 1 because you are just sitting (or in this case, standing), you can't move at all and your only defense mechanism is the garage door..... LOVE IT!

Here's my video (3rd game I play)


This game has a great concept and art style. The ambience and atmosphere could really set off the chills. I really wasn't that fazed with the jump scare at the end, but I'll tell you what, I was pushing myself back into my chair because I knew something was coming. Honestly, pretty good game, and another Unity Indie Dev? Epic.


i have this weird "fear" too so that creature spider buddy ol pal really scared me

Bro this was so good!?  Gave me the creeps tbh, good job! 


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