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i enjoyed it. nice

what happened as a child that inspired this?

oooOOOOH the creepy crawly feeling hit me all at once at the end, great work!


the moment the power went out i screamed

Now I want to keep a garage door closed if i own a house

Ending gave me chills

This game literally made me scream, had much fun playing! 

Would Recommend!


it makes you fucked up

oh no


Fun game






I drank some milk today.

wow so creepy and simple!

Ngl that was quite creepy and i had an uneasy feeling the whole time.


made me jump, gg


Thanks for the spooks!


i have played now it was very scarey

I have not played yet but i am very scared of it.


damn! I got so scared at the end...

not that bad at all


Since there is really only one thing you can do , I wouldn't call it a game. However , I still like it. Nicely done on the creepy.


Short, sweet, and very unsettling. Liked it <3

waht the shit pickle

I really have to say, that this, even though it wasn't that creepy, made me feel very uneasy.


I don't know if I should call this a video or a game? Why not both? Video game! Although it didn't have many functions but I was freaking scared. I can't remember much of my childhood memories but yes I was afraid when things didn't go as I wanted them to (probably not a garage door) Afterall, hell yes I liked it and yeah it made sense to me.


mY pRoFiLe PiCtUrE iS hAwT

i beg to differ

Played your game in an indie romp video. My camera crashed during but the fact that you can imagine my reaction based on this game just shows how effective it is. I hope you enjoy the video
your game starts at 12:35

This was really good... Nice job

I got so fuckin scared when I saw the hand. Awasome game.

same here 

The moment that the garage door didn't completely closed, I got so frickin scared lol

Very scary and spooky i would reccomend

Holy shit this made my heart beat super fast even if it was a minute!

samey sames

Having had a similar fear when I was younger, this was definitely a spooky minute!


(Gameplay footage below with commentary but first a review)

This was a pretty decent short horror game but I felt it was too short and didn’t necessarily have too many scares in it.

I would have liked it if there was more auditory scares or like, a flicker of the garage lights causes the screen to flicker an image of the creature/being.

It wasn’t too bad but I was a little disappointed because I wanted it to spook me and it didn’t really, to be honest.

Except for the part at the end. That part made me tilt my head and go “Oh heeeell no.” Haha.

Not too shabby in my opinion, hope you make more like this but a little bit longer and more scares.



as soon as it said "headphones recommended i knew this game was good.

p.s. i put my volume down to like 5%

2% for me


I think I might have ruined the horror aspect by asking sexylegs out there to come and get me stud but this was a really atmospheric experience and I enjoyed it!

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