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Thoroughly enjoyed this short game! I would have throat punched him but ya know cant fight back lol! Game 2!

I would have started fighting. Like as soon as he was by the half closed garage, I'd had went inside. Ain't no car worth my life. And then he crawled under!!!! He would have had to catch these hands. AIN'T NO WAY

Thanks for giving me a new fear of garage doors haha! Very well done, I wish there was more! Good job, and keep it up!

Loved it!! Wish there was more cx 

do you steel have the fear or not?

I want more = w=

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i peed my pants as soon as that thing came in

No Jumpscares? :


Thank you for this short horror game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:

Good game  :)


Interesting Short Game :)

It doesn't have to be scary 03:38

Muy corto pero la tension que genera es verdaderamente buena!!


Make it an 18+ game 😏 I wanna get it on w the creature

wtf bro gets some help


lmfao okay then buddy

dude is just some horny 13 year old




Nice PFP




Wanna kiss?



pensaba q avia mas finales xd jaja

I like thw game

Cool stuff.

I'll be speculating about the nature of this creature for a long time. Nifty little experience, 6.8/10.


Is there only one ending or is there a second one


nice game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super impressive scare factor, especially for the low-res retro graphic style! Was not expecting goosebumps like that, haha.

Nah bro that game actually had me scared for a minute. Check Out my video on it!


my life took a screenshot


Relatable, just like when you used to turn off the lights on the first floor and quickly ran upstairs to your room.

I got so scared, I started spamming the space button-


Its instinct.

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 so cool!


i cept saying  chees over and over to calm my self down

Nahh, I kept saying SLENDIE!!! to calm myself down


bro i got a heart attack


Damm, it scared me

Bro got my heart skipping. 15/10 

i got scared lol

the mac thing needs to be updated update it then i might give it 10/1

11/10 that made my heart stop br

I shit myself. 10/10

so scary

that was 10/10, no criticism. 


i let out the weirdest scream

I never thought such a short game could scare me

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