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(3rd game) Short, but absolutely terrifying.
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goo game but little short! nice concept tho!!!! 7/10

Shouldn't of played this in my garage at midnight...oh well! Time to go back inside hheheheh.....

Wasnt anticipating to be that short, but I wasnt anticipating the sudden appearance of the dude as a spider. Perfect little shorty of a game.

I was scared, very scared. I really hope it's just a friend coming for pizza

almost sh## myself

Why did I actually jump when the little guy started running 😭

Great game, reminded me of childhood fears!


now i have to waiting my wife come back home to close the garage ,im not leaving the room tonight

I think that monster has a little cute face, hahaha thanks for the game!!!  



XD I loved that lil scamper!


Best game ever 

I shit my pants; good game!

Pls Like)

Really good game

the way he ran in tho-



Yeah, the motion sensor's useful, good for daily, normal use, but not very helpful when defending against outside threats. 

The monster was scary without using a jumpscare, which was nice. 

I think we've all had this fear lol 


Never thought about this happening.

nice game but its only minute long horror game

ебать я обосрался люто

how do i play? do i just let him in and die? scared him


man i got new nightmare ty

new fear unlocked lol

me too

how did this get me so bad


mannnn, yall done put my cousin in the game??

it looks like my brother

maybe ur brother is my cousin, does that make us cousins!?!?!?!


cousin? is that u???!?!?!?!?!!!?


None of it scared me except for the sound of the power turning back on and I don't know why

haha lol



that dude walked funny, it's a nice game tho


that scared me rlly bad lol

It was nice, here is my video

this is a fun game i recommend the game to people who like creepy scary games without jumpscares.

This was fun to play

Great short horror game
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are there any other endings?


This game gave me a new fear. Game starts at 8:16

This game very  close to me.. This feeling of some little childhood fear that has become a reality so warm and creepy

Great game!

nice game!!

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