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I got so fuckin scared when I saw the hand. Awasome game.

The moment that the garage door didn't completely closed, I got so frickin scared lol

Very scary and spooky i would reccomend

Holy shit this made my heart beat super fast even if it was a minute!

Having had a similar fear when I was younger, this was definitely a spooky minute!


(Gameplay footage below with commentary but first a review)

This was a pretty decent short horror game but I felt it was too short and didn’t necessarily have too many scares in it.

I would have liked it if there was more auditory scares or like, a flicker of the garage lights causes the screen to flicker an image of the creature/being.

It wasn’t too bad but I was a little disappointed because I wanted it to spook me and it didn’t really, to be honest.

Except for the part at the end. That part made me tilt my head and go “Oh heeeell no.” Haha.

Not too shabby in my opinion, hope you make more like this but a little bit longer and more scares.



as soon as it said "headphones recommended i knew this game was good.

p.s. i put my volume down to like 5%

2% for me

I think I might have ruined the horror aspect by asking sexylegs out there to come and get me stud but this was a really atmospheric experience and I enjoyed it!

really liked the art and the ending.


that fuckin scared me hard

Loved the game, I was actually at a loss for words when it ended it just felt a little sudden! I wanted more, really enjoyed it and look forward to your next one! 

oh heckkkkkk nah

Really enjoyed this. Great work! Excited to follow future projects. 

the monter runs strangly end too slown to scare an horror veteran

*sees dad crawl under garage door*

*gets scare*

Amazing, Really got scared at the end lmao.

Played this epic game, it starts at 11:31


Super short and the spider thing wasn't even scary


peed mysef. good good


just replayed, i get it.hes a pizza man, ah ah, not so scary, yum


that was scary good game very impressive it made my heart drop at the end

My heart dropped, very nice game 8.5/10. If there was some music, this game would be a much better. Maybe something a little silent but still audible.


Just realized that im scared of that too because of your game xD I had a heart attack! good thing I don't have a garage door irl lool

This got me spooked!! I think it's a lovely game, would have loved to see it end on a more subjective note though

o h 

d e a r


Keeps you glued to the screen and gave even me the chills at the end :D

Simple, but good.

No jumpscare...Good...cuz i don't like jumpscares


This was a lot of fun, gave me the chills twice!

Awesome! Simple but really captured the mood. I like it!

This honestly made me feel like I was 7 years old again because this was my exact fear lol


this gave me the chills

A perfect visual of that childhood fear of what *might* be out there, waiting to get in

This game was great I had so much fun or as much fun as I could with 2 minutes, I loved it and that guy at the end real spooky


Took me some time to realize there is no escape after all.


No offense, but i hope that there is more that scared you as a child, cause this means that u will make more games. i love this one. its simple and scary.


Pretty impressive how good the mood of the game is when you cant move around or anything.

Beautiful mood!

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