A downloadable game

Submission is one of twelve games that make up the third Dread X Collection.

You basically wander around a farm and help Potato the Donkey collect apples, meet some of his friends, and that's really pretty much it.

Not sure why they accepted it as part of a horror collection but I got paid either way so whatev.




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OMG this is terrific!

Honestly, really creeped me out and I even havent finished it yet, i had to stop to take a breath on the morgue part XD

Made a video

:( how play dis

Here my fan gamerplayer

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i was exspecting a twist about the bird in real life missing a eye, signifying that this is all real and so is codey

sorry for spoilers

We really have a game here that ended the Dread X 3 compilation with a flourish. I found the way the game went in terms of plot very interesting.

I need the name for the Hymn song you get when you first load up the church, please.

w    h    a    t


There seems to be an underlying message conveying a dislike of apples on this page... I wonder why the author would do something like that.


This is an amazing game!