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Notice me, Chet Bradley!

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This was....something

Love it

Great message in tHe dEscription. Thanks for the warning, it realLy prepared me for the inevitabLe. Thanks fOr reading!

This game is hilarious, Had a great time playing. Well done!

Yo I've had a great time playing your game really didn't except such a funny ending . I've also made a video on it hope you'll see it <3

This game is wtf, especially the end, but I really liked the humor of this game and its way of criticizing a professional environment !
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this game was funny! I had a great time playing it. I like the part where you have to handshake the guy's hand. it was intense but hilarious at the same time. I have never attended this kind of events so I don't know what's going on but this game gave me a fun experience. I hope I can play more of your games in the future.

p.s game starts at 3:32


My favorite game I have played in over 2 years.

Incredible little experience you made here :) very clever with the game description too T.H.I.S.G.A.M.E.I.S.S.H.I.T

This was INCREDIBLE. This is the TRUEST GAME.


what does S.H.I.T MEAN?


"Selective and Highly Influential Tech Party"


thank u

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This was clever, funny, and relatable. Fun to explore, and great for a pretty quick play; I think it took us ~30 minutes total. 

Recommended for those anxious or apprehensive about networking events, or for those who have experienced them in person and want to remember what that was like...

Also a very fun game if you've played The Stanley Parable (or vice-versa -- if you liked this you'll enjoy that, too!).

Had loads of fun playing this. Also, Todd is cringe.

I'm gonna OD on that MLM DLC so hard.

Amazing game lmao, nice job!

Very immersive, reminds me of everyday life.


Super dope game had a blast playing it!

Good job!👏




The windows download is very nice

I had a lot of fun playing it. And that ending...

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I've been to these, I played your game, I related to things, I wasn't prepared for the end, and then the other end made me feel like I was at a movie.

I have been entertained for the length of a half hour tv slot and it's all thanks to you.


This is one of the best compliments I have ever received. Thank you!

A piece of true art. Thank you for your contribution to society.

You are too kind :)

This is one of the funniest games I have ever played.

:D hey thank you very much!

worker: Welcome to S.H.I.T, how may i be of service?

me: What does your name mean?

worker: Super Henchmen In Thailand

me: Oh.


sofa king dronk


dats k


this is so funny. also sat there listening to that loop thru its entirety


Hilarious take on networking events and not too far from the truth in some cases. Made me laugh at several occasions with its different twists. Highly recommended!


This Game is Shit !!!!!!!

I GOT IT  !!!


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You found the hidden message!! ;)

Nice work!!


Very interesting and weird at the end. I enjoyed it!

Show post...


Hey thanks for taking a look!  There's actually a second part, once you hit the "blue" menu. :)

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Dude awsome game !. That would be awsome if you can put more into the game i really like it. Hope you read this and hope you put more into a game really huge fan of it. My name is Leon Kennedy.Please read. It would be great if you told me the passcode xD. Btw how do we go to the second part?

Thanks Bye.

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Thanks and glad you liked it!  I might add more characters in the future.  If you want to get to the second part, just be sure to check your phone again once you get to the "blue" menu.  As for the PIN, it's in there somewhere. :)

u can count the red bottles on the rack behind the bars seperately