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i adore this game and wanna play it so bad but it runs so shit on my browser,  god please add a download link


This is one of the funniest games I ever played.  A lot of people complain with controls with I agree. But overall its amazing! (please make more I need more of these lines)

THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOD, I'm not even exaggerating, i didn't expect much at first and walking the character confuses me but it's so funny and horrifying at the same time. The effort in this game is so evident, I love it!


can you download this game?


Nice game. just one complain is the controllers not smooth.

but really a fun game. fixed cameras like in resident evil.

that Ben is so funny.

the bad ben mythos is amazing im so glad someone brought it into game form! go check this one out corpsepile did such a great job 

shit shit ass fuck god damn it

bro's f button is being pressed

wheres the basement

I laughed, I got scared, I lost it a bit on Hard Mode... an all around good time.
Fantastic game! I can honestly say I've never played anything like it. Thank you for this creation.

I also read there was a series made based off of this game??! I'll have to check it out! I can't imagine it'll live up to this experience though ;)

It looks like you all did an amazing job recreating the house and character! I probably should have read the description before playing, and uh, maybe watch the series..


Wtf  is that shity ass game

(1 edit) (+4)

howww could u say that


oof. Wtf is that shitty ass comment

This game really put things into perspective for me. Truly I-I'll never be the same again. The cameras, the cameras mason.
The bens we made along the way, were the friends I always needed.


Love this game


homer simpsons>Bad ben


bad ben>homer simpsons

Both of them>>>


the designated swear word button really adds to the game.


I agree. Probably the best feature in any horror game

Game went black after I entered the attic, was that the end

No, there is supposed to be more. I think your game broke

Good Game

please this game made me inhale a muffin laughing, the extra bit at the end of hard mode made it all worth it! no spoilers ;)

Absolutely loved this game! Was so refreshing to see a bit of humor like this. Would love to see a Bad Ben series!

man this is awesome



One of the best games ive ever played


This game is a masterpiece man, nothing can top it, genuinely good horror, very satisfying ending, kicked and screamed and frothed at the mouth when I realized his name was Thomas and not ben though...


Was fun to play during school. got scared once. Was very funny

Good game

ben is bad


ben is bad

ben is the baddest

ben is bae

Ben is love

ben is life


all i can say is the part with the ashes got me so good, mad props i love this universe and also the movies and this is such a great addition 10/10 one of my fav games ever 


this was fucking insane man but i loved it

Where's the shotgun, though?

nvm how do i get it tho

I didn't believe you when you said hard mode wouldn't be fun. I was a fool. My eyes hurt so much. Thank god I don't have epilepsy.

Yes. I Love this. It's amazing how you made the lore of this game. It it really lore? Whatever. It's great. AND FUNNY TOO

Hilarious Game

Was really fun to play! Loved the little jokes and commentary in game! 

Super Cool.

I have to admit, I was concerned when I saw there was a game centered around the Original Bad Ben. I mean, that movie is simply a masterpiece... how could a game ever live up to the beauty of Bad Ben?

But you absolutely have managed to! This whole game was an experience of perfection. I adored it, it definitely gave me the experience of enacting the film, especially as everything is delivered through the camera perspective. Also the fact you gave us Nigel Bach voice over; there's nothing better. 

On a serious note though, you did a really great job, this is the third game of yours I've played, and each one has been enjoyable and memorable; I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create!

Was an excellent video here!

This has gotten some mad laughs out of us: Kudos for the fantastic sense of humor.

this gotten me and my friend laughing, and the ending blew my mind. it was more like someone putted funny and horror together and I latterly loved the game. i would see more and more people playing this.

the ending genuinely blew my mind

This game was amazing! I need a sequel!

This game is amazing, absolutely loved it. I wish it didn't conclude because I want more haha

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