Dread XP and Nigel Bach Presents:


Experience the first Found Footage Video Game that isn’t about Slender Man (citation needed)! Based on the cult hit micro-micro-micro-budget film series, the Bad Ben game is here to take the beloved franchise digital. Take the role of Tom Riley—voiced by the man himself, Nigel Bach—as he once again makes the incredibly informed decision to buy a house sight unseen at a sheriff’s auction.

Obviously, the night does not go by un-ghosted. Soon after his arrival, paranormal happenings begin to plague the unflappable Tom. You’ll have to get to the bottom of these spectral shenanigans, mostly by finding keys. Because it’s an indie horror game.

Do you have what it takes to survive the night?


  • Yet another haunted house
  • Fetch quests
  • Zero jump-sc OMG A GHOST haha got you
  • Limitless swears
  • Unlockable content (not DLC, unless it does well then who knows)
  • Voice by Nigel Bach
  • A genuine blend of comedy and scares
  • That vintage “corpsepile” smell

Made with love by corpsepile and the folks at DreadXP 

 Special thanks to all our Discord movie night fans, who inspired this whole crazy adventure. Join the fun yourself: discord.gg/AUxadtP9wm

PLEASE NOTE: Some web browsers have issues with WebGL. If you're experiencing issues please make sure 'hardware acceleration' has been enabled for your browser or try a different web browser altogether.

[W][A][S][D] to move
[E] to interact
[TAB] to look at tablet (once acquired)



Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(298 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, Exploration, Ghosts, Horror, Mystery, Narrative, Singleplayer, Third Person, Walking simulator

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i aspire to be as unbothered as ben

This game closed my browser which was bigger jumpscare than the game. I dont know but the controls are messed up.

add multiplayer, please

Random Scuffed Games #86


Vorgeschlagen von: Li_the_wendigo

Sehr cooles "Horror" Games das sich selbst und das Genre nicht zu ernst nimmt. Es ist gut spielbar, hat viele lustige Elemente und überraschende Wendungen!

für 30 Minuten kostenlose Spielzeit eine Absolute Empfehlung meinerseits.

Einziger Minuspunkt sind die fehlenden Optionen für Fenstermodi und Auflösung.


Dito: 4.8/5

Chat: 4.69/5

Gesamt: 4.75/5


this is the best horror game i ever played

stuck at the ad part

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#1 Best Protagonist in a video game. 


Loved it.


I thought this was just another bad horror game but this changed everything i found out there is 12 bad ben movies and I need to see them thank your for this hidden jem 


Bad ben 13 is coming out the teaser trailer is on the actors youtube channel


Did anyone know bad ben 1 had a 300$ budget and made 110,000$

you have told me many times i shall kill you

IM after you im right behind you at this very moment watching you





my dads always situationally aware ig 10/10 game ofc !!


"It's like I'm a lazy horror game made by a bad developer-"


yo where is the basement

i love u u are so relatable rn



Hilarious, 10/10 game for sure

awesome game but I got too scared and couldnt finish hah

Finally got around to playing and reviewing!  This was a hilarious, then terrifying game.  Nicely done!



For the ability to cuss on command alone i give this game 5 stars. For everything else, sadly, I cannot give more. 

11/10. Definitely one of the games that ever made.

(1 edit)

This game is comedy gold. I really wasn't expecting the ashes line, and the "Sh*t it's locked" moment made me laugh so loud.

Edit: I've played through the entire hard mode so you guys don't need to. The devs weren't lying when they said it's not fun. It is literally not fun. Not as in "more spooks" but more like as in "less fun". They delivered on their promises xD


Gameplay en español

A Corpsepile Classic!

This was actually so good!??

i adore this game and wanna play it so bad but it runs so shit on my browser,  god please add a download link


This is one of the funniest games I ever played.  A lot of people complain with controls with I agree. But overall its amazing! (please make more I need more of these lines)


THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOD, I'm not even exaggerating, i didn't expect much at first and walking the character confuses me but it's so funny and horrifying at the same time. The effort in this game is so evident, I love it!


can you download this game?


Nice game. just one complain is the controllers not smooth.

but really a fun game. fixed cameras like in resident evil.

that Ben is so funny.


the bad ben mythos is amazing im so glad someone brought it into game form! go check this one out corpsepile did such a great job 

shit shit ass fuck god damn it


bro's f button is being pressed

wheres the basement

I laughed, I got scared, I lost it a bit on Hard Mode... an all around good time.
Fantastic game! I can honestly say I've never played anything like it. Thank you for this creation.

I also read there was a series made based off of this game??! I'll have to check it out! I can't imagine it'll live up to this experience though ;)

It looks like you all did an amazing job recreating the house and character! I probably should have read the description before playing, and uh, maybe watch the series..


Wtf  is that shity ass game

(1 edit) (+9)

howww could u say that


oof. Wtf is that shitty ass comment


This game really put things into perspective for me. Truly I-I'll never be the same again. The cameras, the cameras mason.
The bens we made along the way, were the friends I always needed.



Love this game


homer simpsons>Bad ben


bad ben>homer simpsons


Both of them>>>


the designated swear word button really adds to the game.


I agree. Probably the best feature in any horror game


Game went black after I entered the attic, was that the end

No, there is supposed to be more. I think your game broke

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