Dread XP and Breaking Glass Pictures Present:


Experience the first Found Footage Video Game that isn’t about Slender Man (citation needed)! Based on the cult hit micro-micro-micro-budget film series, the Bad Ben game is here to take the beloved franchise digital. Take the role of Tom Riley—voiced by the man himself, Nigel Bach—as he once again makes the incredibly informed decision to buy a house sight unseen at a sheriff’s auction.

Obviously, the night does not go by un-ghosted. Soon after his arrival, paranormal happenings begin to plague the unflappable Tom. You’ll have to get to the bottom of these spectral shenanigans, mostly by finding keys. Because it’s an indie horror game.

Do you have what it takes to survive the night?


  • Yet another haunted house
  • Fetch quests
  • Zero jump-sc OMG A GHOST haha got you
  • Limitless swears
  • Unlockable content (not DLC, unless it does well then who knows)
  • Voice by Nigel Bach
  • A genuine blend of comedy and scares
  • That vintage “corpsepile” smell

Made with love by corpsepile and the folks at DreadXP 

 Special thanks to all our Discord movie night fans, who inspired this whole crazy adventure. Join the fun yourself: discord.gg/AUxadtP9wm

PLEASE NOTE: Some web browsers have issues with WebGL. If you're experiencing issues please make sure 'hardware acceleration' has been enabled for your browser or try a different web browser altogether.

[W][A][S][D] to move
[E] to interact
[TAB] to look at tablet (once acquired)



Development log


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I like this game because the main character talks how I do, which makes this whole thing super relatable.

I've encountered weird shit in the past and my first response is always something like, "God dammit.."

This game has done something else for me though, it made me aware of the super cool mini series on YouTube, which I am very thankful for. 

This is easily the funniest horror game I've ever played. I'm 100% certain that every horror game needs a profanity button from here on.

when i open it in the epic games app it isnt full screen

I saw Markiplier playing it, imma try it rn :D

Absolutely AMAZING! GOD TIER GAME! Here's my playthrough!

this was amazing, saw jack played it and immediately looked for it

This was a fantastic game. I had such a great time playing!

Yo, I played your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:09! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!

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One of the funnest horrors games I've played. That attic scene though. So many hot ghost.

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this is so good omg

nvm played hard mode


can someone help i cant play the game no matter what i do it keeps saying page un responsive and exits me i have hardware acceleration on


I can't praise this enough. This is a genuinely good and funny horror game all around! I laughed way too much and it was just fun to play in general. I had never heard of bad ben before but thank you for the introduction. I have nothing negative to say. This is awesome, thank you for making it. 



hard mode was def worth it

why tho


This game is everything!!!! OMG I genuinely enjoyed it so much. I can confidently say that it is my favourite indie game of 2021!!! The format, the storyline, the character! All amazing and OMG t was so absolutely hilarious. I could not recommend this game more. I am obsessed 10/10!!

Thank you for doing this.


Very cool concept, and really well made game



This is a really good and very funny game. Nice job man. I actually just saw Markiplier play it.

Absolutely amazing

Fuck Shit Ass Goddamit.







greatest game ever

Beautifully done. I liked the "Situational Awareness" button. Haha. Its refreshing to see a satire game every now and then. After playing so many horror game you start to see similar tricks that many horror developers use and they tend to get quite stale. I had a great time playing this game.  I hope to see more from you! You have a great sense of humor.
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Dark, but truly original twist on security-cam horror. It also uses video-like effects well.

Corpsepile has a certain way of making the player feel uncomfortable and they've done it again lol. Thanks for creeping me out yet again :)

Scratch that, the controls are kinda clunky.

I love this, but the scariest thing is just how Tom walks. He looks like a robot, it's super unnatural-

This is  great I don't recommend the hard mode tho :)

I love that this exist

One of THE best games I have played on here!

An absolutely brilliant game and just something different! At the end there is even an upgrade, let yourself be surprised!!!

my eyes hurt after hard mode

i like crawling :)

The ending was great well done.

Alone in the dark feeling, right? That intro, that camera, that knight etc.

its halloween and i jut started playing this game

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my man has brain damage or sumthin lmao

"this footage has not been altered in any way"

*security camera footage of a man walking into a wall and cursing 7 times in a row*

Edit: wait, are there videos I was supposed to watch before playing the game? The game is awesome either way, but people are talking about backstories or something

this sure was something :) I haven't seen the videos (yet) so I only have the game to go off of. It is kind of a neat little game.

I played a game.
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